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Survive and advance

One of the catch phrases used in the basketball madness of March is survive and advance. As my old bones have reminded me at the end of the night lately, that is a mantra I need to adopt more and more.

Especially this week with the State B boys basketball tournament coming to town.

While Dave Vilhauer and I were traveling to the girls tournaments this past week the “maintenance required” light illuminated on the dashboard of his car. Which meant the engine was due for an oil change.

Unfortunately our bodies don’t have a dashboard with warning lights. But we all need to still keep an eye on how much we do, so that we don’t overdo. 

Dave and I plan to do our best to cover the B tournament and give you the latest scores from all the boys tournament sites on this website and social media. But be a little understanding as the week progresses if we start to burn some oil and our gas tanks get a little low. 

I can assure you I will remind Dave that I am beat to the socks more than once by Saturday night. My plan though is to survive and advance beyond the championship game because the idea of covering a big event like the B always gets my motor running.

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