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March madness in full swing

March Madness is officially here. There is definitely no shortage of things going on.

SD SportScene is in its third week of existence and I appreciate the support of all involved. As stated a few weeks ago, the site will be a work in progress. And progress is usually a good thing.

That said, I am excited to announce that a new feature will be added to the site starting today. It is a podcast called Amazing Americans. It is a national weekly broadcast featuring a variety of quality stories on athletes who have overcome obstacles to achieve amazing things. A few weeks ago, one of the segments featured South Dakota native Tom Byrum.

The host of the show is an amazing person himself. Jerry Schemmel is a former broadcaster for the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockies and Minnesota Timberwolves. He is a native of Madison, S.D., and an author of two books. He survived a horrific plane crash that killed multiple individuals in Iowa and rescued a baby in that crash. He is also an accomplished cyclist.

I believe that you will enjoy the shows and view it as value-added content to the site.

Speaking of content, I trust that you are enjoying the photographic talents of John Davis. His photo galleries are fantastic and capture the true moments in athletic contests.

I have had several of you reach out to me regarding purchasing photos. His photos are indeed for sale. We just haven’t had time to get a link set up, yet. In the meantime, you can reach out to him and he will be glad to assist you. His email address is

We are currently preparing for the end of the basketball season. Coverage will include stories and photos from the State AA and A girls’ basketball tournaments, the Central Region tourney, and also the State B boys’ basketball tourney. And don’t worry, the coverage won’t stop there. Plans are already in place to cover an indoor track and field meet at Wachs Arena, just a couple of days following the basketball season.

I hope you are enjoying SD SportScene and all that is has to offer. We will do our best to provide the most timely and insightful coverage that we can.

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