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Cross Country

Batchelor wins Lennox title, Milbank Area boys runner-up

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Sarah Schmidt competes in the Salmi/Sahli Invitational meet at Lee Park Golf Course. Schmidt finished 14th at the Lennox Invitational on Thursday. Photo by John Davis taken 9/9/2021

LENNOX – Milbank Area’s Nick Batchelor won the individual title, while the Milbank Area boys finished runner-up during the Lennox Invitational Cross Country Meet on Thursday.

On the girls’ side Ashlynn Batchelor finished second to Ellie Maddox of Sioux Falls Christian. SFC swept the team titles.

Aberdeen Roncalli was eighth in the girls’ team points. The Cavaliers were led by Paige Schmidt who was 11th and Sarah Schmidt who was 14th.

“We had a good day. It was a long bus ride. I thought the kids came down and they competed very well,” said Roncalli coach Brady Lesnar. “I was really impressed wth Paige and Sarah’s effort today. They both had season-best runs. Paige probably improved by about 30 seconds and Sarah was probably around 30 to 40 seconds as well.”

Lesnar also pointed out the other three girls who competed for the Cavaliers.

“I thought the other three girls that we did have run today ran really well, Rose Gutenkauf, Claire Crawford and Madisen Martin,” Lesnar said. “They were close to some of their PRs for the season.”

The Roncalli boys were led by Paul Gutenkauf who was 45th. Garrett Griffin was just six places behind.

“Garrett Griffin wasn’t too far behind which I was pretty pleased to see,” Lesnar said. “He got dinged up in a football game a few weeks back and this was his first race back. He looked pretty good. I was really impressed with his effort that he gave today.”

Isaac Price was Roncalli’s third runner. Lesnar said he was about three sesconds away from his PR.

Roncalli will compete in the Northeast Conference meet on Thursday in Webster. The Cavaliers saw first-hand what some of the premier competition will look like.

“The Batchelors from Milbank had a good meet and their teams looked really good, too,” Lesnar said. “So we have our work cut out when it comes to the conference. That’s good for us to have that competition to push ourselves.”


Team Points: Sioux Falls Christian 21, Milbank Area 55, Lennox 73, Vermillion 84, Dakota Valley 98, Ethan-Parkston 114, West Central 117, Beresford 123, Tea Area 130, Elk Point-Jefferson 188, Dell Rapids 189, Aberdeen Roncalli 212.

Top 15 Individual Results

1, Nick Batchelor, Milbank Area, 15:44.71; 2, Daniel Colby, Sioux Falls Christian, 16:19.33; 3, Patrick Vogel, Sioux Falls Christian, 16:27.58; 4, Derrek VanderLeest, Sioux Falls Christian, 16:52.54; 5, Andrew Atwood, Beresford, 16:55.22; 6, Sam Swanson, Lennox, 17:05.99; 7, Blake Schmidt, Dakota Valley, 17:07.86; 8, Josh Fletcher, Dell Rapids, 17:11.04; 9, Joe Cross, Elk Point-Jefferson, 17:11.86; 10, Evan Bartelt, Ethan-Parkston, 17:12.32;

11, Joel Dahloff, Vermillion, 17:17.99; 12, Maksim Strizheus, Sioux Falls Christian, 17:18.39; 13, Payton Brown, Milbank Area, 17:23.35; 14, James Batchelor, Milbank Area, 17:23.52; 15, Cloy McVey, Lennox, 17:26.55.

Aberdeen Roncalli runners: 45, Paul Gutenkauf, 19:14.47; 51, Garrett Griffin, 19:30.33; 64, Isaac Price, 20:16.11; 74, Kelynn Mount, 21:31.88; 75, Matthew Peterson, 21:43.49; 76, Darwin Gambler, 21:45.54; 79, Andrew Lewno, 23:01.94.

Other Milbank Area runners: 29, Isaac Graham, 18:22.60; 42, Bryan Meyer, 18:54.01; 53, Jack Sandvig, 19:34.98; 72, Grant Van Peursem, 20:36.50.


Team Points: Sioux Falls Christian 26, Lennox 60, Ethan-Parkston 61, Vermillion 79, Milbank Area 85, Tea Area 109, West Central 112, Aberdeen Roncalli 118, Canton 154, Elk Point-Jefferson 156, Dakota Valley 191, Dell Rapids 197.

Top 15 Individual Results

1, Ellie Maddox, Sioux Falls Christian, 18:14.02; 2, Ashlynn Batchelor, Milbank Area, 18:39.37; 3, Corinne Braun, Sioux Falls Christian, 19:10.28; 4, Jaycie Babb, Tea Area, 19:22.42; 5, Emily Plucker, Lennox, 19:31.49; 6, Margaret Vogel, Sioux Falls Christian, 19:41.24; 7, Lindsey Roth, Ethan-Parkston, 19:42.60; 8, Taeli Barta, Vermillion, 19:45.73; 9, Kelsey Schmidt, Lennox, 19:48.72; 10, Lydia Anderson, Vermillion, 19:51.21;

11, Paige Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 19:53.03; 12, Alicia Ruud, Lennox, 19:53.64; 13, Callie Radigan, Vermillion, 19:55.09; 14, Ella Merriman, Beresford, 20:42.24; 15, Morgan Maxwell, Ethan-Parkston, 20:43.54.

Other Aberdeen Roncalli runners: 16, Sarah Schmidt, 20:47.55; 50, Claire Crawford, 22:57.20; 52,Rose Gutenkauf, 22:58.66; 63, Madisen Martin, 23:34.34.

Other Milbank Area runners: 22, Maurina Street, 21:22.64; 33, Tyra Berry, 21:55.64; 34, Ellie Neugebauer, 21:56.17; 39, Kynlee Speidel, 22:17.82; 67, Maiah Brown, 23:41.62; 74, Stella Wendland, 24:09.37.

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