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Central gains sweep, drops pair in tennis action

BROOKINGS – The Aberdeen Central tennis program dropped a pair of matches, but swept a third on day one Friday in Brookings.

Central fell to Yankton 4-3 and Harrisburg 6-3, but swept Brookings by a 9-0 count.

Golden Eagle head coach John Vogel noted good performances in the Harrisburg match despite the overall team score.

“Emily (Ringgenberg)’s win against Harrisburg was a good one,” Vogel said. “For the second week in a row, she has beaten a player she lost to last year.”

Vogel also praised his top doubles squad in that match against the Tigers, though the duo of Ringgenberg and Alice Vogel dropped a 10-7 contest to Harrisburg’s Emma Rangel and Grace Starr.

“(They) finally looked like a one,” Vogel said.

Ringgenberg was one of four Central players to win two of their three singles matches on the day, though the lone Golden Eagle to snare a singles win over Yankton was Avery Tennant at number six.

That Yankton match ended in an unconventional score, Vogel noted, because two players were unable to continue playing following the conclusion of doubles play.

Central continues play Saturday in the Brookings Jamboree.

Yankton 4, Aberdeen Central 3

Maggie Schaefer (YAN) def. Emily Ringgenberg 10-6.
Nora Krajewski (YAN) def. Carly Comstock 10-2.
Sabrina Krajewski (YAN) def. Livia Douglas 10-2.
No. 4: No match.
No. 5: No match.
Avery Tennant (AC) def. Paige Mitzel 10-4.
Schaefer/N. Krajewski (YAN) def. Ringgenberg/Alice Vogel 10-1.
Comstock/Douglas (AC) def. S. Krajewski/Player not reported 10-8.
Laney Gonsor/Charlee Galvin (AC) def. Kayla Marsh/Mitzel 10-7.

Harrisburg 6, Aberdeen Central 3

Emily Ringgenberg (AC) def. Emma Rangel 10-7.
Carly Comstock (AC) def. Erika Starr 10-4.
Eloise Geraets (HAR) def. Livia Douglas 10-1.
Alice Vogel (AC) def. Nicole Lin 10-8.
Madeline Grabow (HAR) def. Laney Gonsor 10-6.
Makenzie Vickery (HAR) def. Avery Tennant 10-6.
Rangel/Grace Starr (HAR) def. Ringgenberg/Vogel 10-7.
Geraets/Grabow (HAR) def. Comstock/Douglas 10-2.
Vickery/Jersey Sonnenschein (HAR) def. Gonsor/Charlee Galvin 10-7.

Aberdeen Central 9, Brookings 0

Emily Ringgenberg (AC) def. Tristina Ting 10-2.
Carly Comstock (AC) def. Paige Foster 10-3.
Livia Douglas (AC) def. Brea Tansager 10-1.
Alice Vogel (AC) def. Heather Rudd 10-2.
Laney Gonsor (AC) def. Hannah Oberman 10-0.
Avery Tennant (AC) def. Sophie Tanner 10-3.
Ringgenberg/Vogel (AC) def. Ting/Foster 10-2.
Comstock/Douglas (AC) def. Tansager/Rudd 10-4.
Gonsor/Charlee Galvin (AC) def. Oberman/Tanner 10-3.

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