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Rain shortens play at Brookings Jamboree

BROOKINGS – Aberdeen Central and Aberdeen Roncalli each got in one match before rain prevented the completion of any other duals Saturday at the Brookings Jamboree.

Aberdeen Central blanked Brookings 9-0 and Roncalli fell to Yankton 9-0. Central then got most of its match in against Watertown, while Roncalli never got going against Brookings.

“We started out by beating Huron 9-0. I was glad that one went as it did. I was worried we’d start slow due to being tired, but that didn’t happen until we started playing Watertown,” said Central coach John Vogel. “We started with doubles, and all three Central teams looked tired (they had just played 8 matches in less than 24 hours). While 1s and 3s couldn’t shake out of it, 2s did. After being down 3-6, (Carly Comstock and Livia Douglas) woke up in time for a 10-7 win.”

Central won three three completed singles matches against Watertown. Emily Ringgenberg trailed 4-1 before rallying to secure a 10-6 win at number one, while Alice Vogel and Avery Tennant each scored 10-4 wins at flights four and six, respectively.

Central was leading Watertown 4-2 in the dual when the rain forced the end of three matches in progress.

“We were trailing in the other three singles matches, when the rain shut it down,” Vogel said. “We will try to finish those when Watertown comes to town for the Elliott (Extravaganza).”

Both Central and Roncalli host Milbank Area on Tuesday.

Aberdeen Central 9, Huron 0


Emily Ringgenberg, AC, def. Anne Claire Rubish, 10-6.

Carly Comstock, AC, def. Lizzy Heinen, 10-2.

Livia Douglas, AC, def. Bianca Medina, 10-5.

Alice Vogel, AC, def. Beth Engelhart, 10-1.

Laney Gonsor, AC, def. Say Ma, 10-5.

Avery Tennant, AC, def. Ann Hoen, 10-2.


Ringgenberg-Vogel, AC, def. Rubish-Heinen, 10-3.

Comstock-Douglas, AC, def. Medina-Engelhart, 10-2.

Gonsor-Charlee Galvin, AC, def. Ma-Hoen, 10-5.


Aberdeen Central winners: (singles) Julia Knie, Jenna Joachim; (Doubles) Knie-Joachim.

Aberdeen Central vs. Watertown


Emily Ringgenberg, AC, def. Ellie Zink, 10-7.

Carly Comstock, AC, vs. Josie Heyn, W, TBD

Livia Douglas, AC vs. Jaida Young, W, TBD

Alice Vogel, AC, def. Leyla Meester, 10-4.

Laney Gonsor, AC, vs. Grace Ortmeier, W, TBD

Avery Tennant, AC, def. Faith Berg, 10-4.


Zink-Heyn, W, def. Ringgenberg-Vogel, 10-6.

Comstock-Douglas, AC, def. Young-Ortmeier, 10-8.

Meester-Sophia Nicholas, W, def. Gonsor-Charlee Galvin, 10-6.


Aberdeen Central winners: (singles) Jenna Joachim.

Yankton 9, Aberdeen Roncalli 0


Maggie Schaefer, Y, def. Hallie Haskell, 10-1.

Nora Krajewski, Y, def. Maria Barnett, 10-2.

Sabrina Krajewski, Y, def. River Haskell, 10-1.

Frannie Kauri, Y, def. Raley Haskell, 10-2.

Addison Gordon, Y, def. Katherine Kretchman, 10-3.

Paige Mitzel, Y, def. Anna Mitzel, 10-1.


Schaefer-N. Krajewski, Y, def. H. Haskell-Barnett, 10-0.

S. Krajewski-Kauri, Y, def. R. Haskell-R. Haskell, 10-2.

Gordon-P. Mitzel, Y, def. Kretchman-Eva Madsen, 10-2.

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