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Miller, Potter County win titles at Ipswich meet

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Paul Gutenkauf runs for the finish line as he competes in the Salmi/Sahli Invitational meet Thursday at Lee Park Golf Course. Gutenkauf finished ninth at the Ipswich Invitational on Saturday. Photo by John Davis taken 9/9/2021

IPSWICH – Runners from Miller and Potter County won individual races and team championships during the Ipswich Invitational Cross Country Meet on Saturday.

Pierce Baumberger of Miller won the boys’ race with teammate Alex Schumacher second to help power the Rustlers to the team title. Aberdeen Roncalli was sixth.

Danika Kaup of Potter County won the girls’ race to help lead the Battlers to their team crown. Aberdeen Roncalli finished second, one point ahead of Ipswich.

“We had some really good competition,” said Roncalli coach Brady Lesnar. “Potter County, it was good to be able to compete against them. It was good for the girls to see some local competition that they’ll see down the road.”

Paige Schmidt finished third to lead the Cavaliers.

“She’s on a good pace for where we want her to be,” Lesnar said.

Sarah Schmidt was seventh for Roncalli.

The Cavaliers had eight girls among the top 23 runners.

“We had five girls PR,” Lesnar said. “That’s an encouraging thing to see.”

Roncalli’s top male finisher was Paul Gutenkauf who finished ninth.

Lesnar was pleased with his performance as well.

“One of the things I told him on his run was ‘surprise yourself’ and he did,” Lesnar said. “He’s doing the things he needs to do to get in a place where he can be competitive.”

The meet capped an interesting week for the Cavaliers. After not having a meet at all because of a couple of cancelations, Roncalli had two meets in three days.

“I’m really happy with how the team ran,” Lesnar said. “After a long week of homecoming activities and just tough workouts and another meet, I’m just really happy with how their Saturday ended.”


Team Points: Miller 7, Ipswich 33, Mobridge-Pollock 37, Highmore 37, Faulkton 44, Aberdeen Roncalli 44.

Individual Results

1, Pierce Baumberger, Miller, 17:00.40; 2, Alex Schumacher, Miller, 17:06.76; 3, Nicholas Schlachter, Potter County, 17:15.01; 4, Hunter Niederbaumer, Faulkton, 17:45.65; 5, Griffin Petersen, Sully Buttes, 17:48.18; 6, Caden Gortmaker, Miller, 17:50.01; 7, Kellan Hurd, Miller, 18:13.47; 8, Dawson Hale, Highmore, 18:18.25; 9, Paul Gutenkauf, Aberdeen Roncalli, 18:34.08; 10, Dylan Wald, Ipswich, 18:50.93;

11, Gabe Johnson, North Central, 18:44.71; 12, Taylor Thorson, Ipswich, 18:50.93; 13, Remmington Ford, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:09.88; 14, Tyson Kindle, Miller, 18:55.86; 15, Peter Backes, Sunshine Bible, 19:00.20; 16, Logan Vetch, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:09.88; 17, David Stagg, Highmore, 19:10.07; 18, Garrett Griffin, Aberdeen Roncalli, 19:13.16; 19, Kody Keller, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:16.89; 20, Ethan Farlee, Timber Lake, 19:17.24;

21, Ethan Harrell, Miller, 19:27.33; 22, Turner Thorson, Ipswich, 19:27.52; 23, Bryson Vetch, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:28.85; 24, Carter LaMont, Highmore, 19:34.35; 25, Gavin Hannan, Herreid-Selby Area, 19:40.99; 26, Alex Sorenson, Faulkton, 19:45.11; 27, Carson Stephenson, Highmore, 19:47.57; 28, Chad Good Shield, Mobridge-Pollock, 19:53.66; 29, Philip Holsing, Faulkton, 19:56.73; 30, Isaiah Gortmaker, Miller, 19:56.92;

31, Austin Jenkins, Leola, 20:06.77; 32, Isaac Price, Aberdeen Roncalli, 20:13.36; 33, Eli Hamre, Herreid-Selby Area, 20:20.68; 34, Austin Kaiser, Faulkton, 20:26.91; 35, Hunter Spotted Bear, Mobridge-Pollock, 20:30.87; 36, Cash Langdeau, Sully Buttes, 20:39.32; 37, Bryton Converse, Highmore, 20:48.89; 38, Colton Norman, Stanley County, 20:52.65; 39, Dane Yellow Earrings, McIntosh, 22:00.92; 40, Gavin Lynch, McIntosh, 22:24.63.


Team Points: Potter County 8, Aberdeen Roncalli 20, Ipswich 21, Stanley County 43, Faulkton 48.

Individual Results

1, Danika Kaup, Potter County, 19:54.47; 2, Autumn Fallis, Highmore, 20:09.89; 3, Paige Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 20:23.48; 4, Emma Schlachter, Potter County, 20:36.57; 5, Jaydn Ahlmeier, Potter County, 20:45.49; 6, Ashlinn Hartwell, Ipswich, 20:58.33; 7, Sarah Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 21:04.23; 8, Gracyn Kadlec, Ipswich, 21:06.37; 9, Peyton Stevens, Potter County, 21:12.60; 10, Madisyn Gellhaus, Ipswich, 21:26.58;

11, Reece Hadrick, Faulkton, 21:39.91; 12, Kaysen Magee, Stanley County, 21:50.27; 13, Isabella Martinez, Aberdeen Roncalli, 21:54.08; 14, Payton Fox, Sunshine Bible, 21:54.36; 15, Claire Crawford, Aberdeen Roncalli, 21:54.67; 16, Rayel Persoon, Potter County, 21:57.71; 17, Madeline Nye, Miller, 22:10.11; 18, Sarah Fosheim, Miller, 22:22.01; 19, Halle Kuck, Aberdeen Roncalli, 22:33.68; 20, Emma Vogel, Aberdeen Roncalli, 22:48.26;

21, Rose Gutenkauf, Aberdeen Roncalli, 22:56.43; 22, Rachel Nemec, Stanley County, 23:06.60; 23, Madisen Martin, Aberdeen Roncalli, 23:44.30; 24, Amelia Currington, Faulkton, 23:58.31; 25, Bailey Siedschlaw, Stanley County, 23:58.88; 26, Alana Howard, Miller, 24:33.36; 27, Kimberly Hageman, Potter County, 25:45.62; 28, Morgan Demery, Faulkton, 29:48.67.  

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