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Central wins two, Roncalli splits at Milbank quad

MILBANK – There was some drama under the lights at the Milbank tennis courts Tuesday night.

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Anna Mitzel secured an 8-6 victory at sixth flight singles to give the Cavaliers a 5-4 win over Milbank Area to cap off the Milbank Quadrangular. Roncalli dropped a 5-4 decision Lennox.

Aberdeen Central dropped just one match during the quad. The Golden Eagles defeated Milbank Area 8-1 and blanked Lennox 9-0.

The Roncalli-Milbank dual came down to down the end with Mitzel and Amelia Pederson tied at 6-6 in an 8-game pro set.

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“It was an exciting match under the lights where the two girls traded the lead back and forth splitting most games,” said Roncalli coach Hallie Rohrbach. “Anna was able to finish off the last two games for an 8-6 victory. The girls all rushed on the court in excitement for her.”

Rohrbach said grabbing the dual win over the hosts was a great way to end the day.

“I was really proud of our girls for their mid-meet adjustments that earned us the win over Milbank,” Rohrbach said.

Roncalli will wrap up its regular season at Watertown on Thursday.

Meanwhile the Golden Eagles won all but one match in their duals on the day.

“I’m pleased with how the team played today,” said Central coach John Vogel. “Carly (Comstock) and Livia (Douglas) both had great days.”

The squad played with a bit of a different lineup. Julia Knie filled in at top flight singles for Emily Ringgenberg who couldn’t make the trip.

Knie won a singles match and teammed with Alice Vogel to win a pair of doubles matches.

“Alice and Julia did well considering they never played together before,” Vogel said.

Central will now get a week to gear up for the upcoming Eastern South Dakota Conference Tournament on Tuesday in Huron.

Aberdeen Central 8, Milbank Area 1


Hattie Muellenbach, M, def. Julie Knie, 8-3.

Carly Comstock, AC, def. Alexis Ninneman, 8-0.

Livia Douglas, AC, def. Hope Karels, 8-5.

Alice Vogel, AC, def. Marion Mischel, 8-6.

Laney Gonsor, AC, def. Elsie Seffrood, 8-1.

Avery Tennant, AC, def. Amelia Pederson, 8-1.


Knie-Vogel, AC, def. Muellenbach-Ninneman, 8-2.

Comstock-Douglas, AC, def. Karels-Mischel, 8-0.

Gonsor-Charlee Galvin, AC, def. Seffrood-Pederson, 8-1.


Aberdeen Central winners: (Singles) Addison O’Keefe; (Doubles) Tennant-O’Keefe.

Aberdeen Central 9, Lennox 0


Julia Knie, AC, def. Ellen Boomgarden, 8-0.

Carly Comstock, AC, def. Gracen Juffer, 8-0.

Livia Douglas, AC, def. Madison Johnson, 8-1.

Alice Vogel, AC, def. Lizzy Buehner, 8-4.

Laney Gonsor, AC, def. Grace Dressen, 8-1.

Avery Tennant, AC, def. Madi Buehner, 8-2.


Knie-Vogel, AC, def. Boomgarden-Dressen, 8-0.

Comstock-Douglas, AC, def. Juffer-Johnson, 8-2.

Gonsor-Charlee Galvin, AC, def. L. Buehner-M. Buehner, 8-2.


Aberdeen Central winners: (Singles) Charlee Galvin, Addison O’Keefe; (Doubles) Galvin-O’Keefe.

Lennox 5, Aberdeen Roncalli 4


Hallie Haskell, AR, def. Ellen Boomgarden, 8-1.

Maria Barnett, AR, def. Gracen Juffer, 8-1.

Madison Johnson, L, def. River Haskell, 8-2.

Lizzy Buehner, L, def. Raley Haskell, 8-2.

Katherine Kretchman, AR, def. Grace Dressen, 8-4.

Madi Buehner, L, def. Anna Mitzel, 8-0.


H. Haskell-Barnett, AR, def. Boomgarden-Dressen 8-2.

Juffer-Johnson, L, def. R. Haskell-R. Haskell, 8-3.

L. Buehner-M. Buehner, L, def. Kretchman-Mitzel, 8-4.

Aberdeen Roncalli 5, Milbank Area 4


Hattie Muellenbach, M, def. Hallie Haskell, 8-6.

Maria Barnett, AR, def. Alexis Ninneman, 8-4.

Hope Karels, M, def. River Haskell, 8-6.

Marion Mischel, M, def. Raley Haskell, 8-6.

Katherine Kretchman, AR, def. Elsie Seffrood, 8-0.

Anna Mitzel, AR, def. Amelia Pederson, 8-6.


H. Haskell-Barnett, AR, def. Muellenbach-Ninneman, 8-6.

Karels-Mischel, M, def. R. Haskell-R. Haskell, 9-8 (7-4).

Kretchman-Mitzel, AR, def. Seffrood-Pederson, 8-4.


Aberdeen Roncalli winners: (Singles) Keira Rivett.

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