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Central has big day at Elliott Extravaganza

Aberdeen Central’s Carly Comstock returns a volley during a singles match Friday against Rapid City Central at the Holgate tennis courts. Comstock pulled out a pair tie-breaker victories on Saturday during the Elliott Extravaganza. Photo by John Davis taken 9/17/2021

Aberdeen Central had a day to remember during the Elliott Extravaganza in the Golden Eagles final home appearance of the season Saturday.

The Golden Eagles defeated Pierre and Aberdeen Roncalli, and also finished off the continuation of a match that was halted by rain earlier this season, defeating Watertown.

“If you would have told me, oh by the way you’re going to come back and win those Watertown ones, then you’re going to beat a very good Pierre team and you’re going to beat a Roncalli team, I would have been very happy,” said Central coach John Vogel. “And that’s what we are. We’re happy.”

Central beat Pierre, 6-3 and Roncalli, 8-1. Roncalli fell to Watertown 9-0.

The Eagles started the day by finishing three matches against Watertown. Central led 4-2 and then managed to win two of those three matches when play resumed, despite trailing in all three of them.

Carly Comstock scored one of those wins, pulling out a tie-breaker 7-5. She trailed 5-2 when her match resumed.

Comstock noted she was a bit wore down when she faced her Watertown opponent a few weeks ago.

“When we played that weekend, that was my 10th match of the weekend, so I was exhausted and that was her fourth,” Comstock said. “Starting on fresh feet this morning was really nice.”

The Eagles used their momentum against Watertown as a springboard to the rest of the day.

Central doubled up Pierre battling the elements and its opponent.

“They say that the wind is the great equalizer, but really it’s the great big pain in the butt. That’s what it was,” Vogel said. “Our girls could handle it in singles, and you could tell Pierre was upset with that. We figured the wind out first, but then Pierre did really well in doubles.”

Again, it was Comstock who pulled out a dramatic win at flight two singles. This time the junior rallied from a 9-5 deficit, forced a tie-breaker and then prevailed 7-5.

“I play better under stress,” Comstock said. “I like the pressure. It makes me more focused, I think.”

Central capped its day with a win over Roncalli in the only meeting between the two local schools this season.

“It’s always fun to play Roncalli,”Vogel said. “I know they’re a young team this year, but its always fun to play them because they always bring it.”

The day marked the final home matches for Roncalli senior Hallie Haskell.

“It didn’t go how I planned it to,” Haskell said, “but I was still happy with how I played.”

Haskell has been a key member of the varsity tennis squad since eighth grade.

When asked what she will remember most about her playing days with the Cavaliers, Haskell responded, “The things that stand out the most to me are the relationships that I’ve built, the fun that I’ve had on the court, more than the wins and losses that I’ve had.”

Haskell is hoping to conclude her prep career with a big showing at this year’s state tournament coming up next month in Sioux Falls.

“I’m just hoping that state goes well,” she said. “I want this year to be really memorable because it’s my senior year.”

Both Central and Roncalli will be part of a quadrangular in Milbank on Tuesday along with Lennox.

Aberdeen Central 6, Watertown 3


Emily Ringgenberg, AC, def. Ellie Zink, 10-7.

Carly Comstock, AC, def. Josie Heyn, 10-9 (7-5).

Jaida Young, W, def. Livia Douglas, 10-0.

Alice Vogel, AC, def. Leyla Meester, 10-0.

Laney Gonsor, AC, def. Grace Ortmeier, 10-8.

Avery Tennant, AC, def. Faith Berg, 10-4.


Zink-Hehn, W, def. Ringgenberg-Vogel, 10-6.

Comstock-Douglas, AC, def. Young-Ortmeier, 10-8.

Meester-Sophia Nichols, W, def. Gonsor-Charlee Galvin, 10-6.

Aberdeen Central 6, Pierre 3


Emily Ringgenberg, AC, def. Syndey Tedrow, 10-4.

Carly Comstock, AC, def. Marlee Shorter, 10-9, (7-5).

Livia Douglas, AC, def. Kara Weiss, 10-9, (7-3).

Jocelyn Corrales, P, def. Alice Vogel, 10-3.

Laney Gonsor, AC, def. Caitlin Ott, 10-8.

Avery Tennant, AC, def. Carissa Ott, 10-6.


Tedrow-Weiss, P, def. Ringgenberg-Vogel, 10-7.

Comstock-Douglas, AC, def. Correls-Caitlin Ott, 10-4.

Shorter-Gracie Zeeb, P, def. Gonsor-Charlee Galvin, 10-4.


Aberdeen Central winners: (Singles) Julia Knie, Riley O’Keefe; (Doubles) Tennant-O’Keefe.

Watertown 9, Aberdeen Roncalli 0


Ellie Zink, W, def. Hallie Haskell, 10-5.

Josie Heyn, W, def. Maria Barnett, 10-2.

Jaida Young, W, def. River Haskell, 10-2.

Leyla Meester, W, def. Raley Haskell, 10-1.

Grace Ortmeier, W, def. Katherine Kretchman, 10-2.

Faith Berg, W, def. Anna Mitzel, 10-1.


Zink-Heyn, W, def. H. Haskell-Barnett, 10-4.

Young-Ortmeier, W, def. R. Haskell-R. Haskell, 10-2.

Meester-Nichols, W, def. Kretchman-Eva Madsen, 10-4.

Aberdeen Central 8, Aberdeen Roncalli 1


Emily Ringgenberg, AC, def. Hallie Haskell, 6-4, 6-1.

Carly Comstock, AC, def. Maria Barnett, 6-1, 6-1.

Livia Douglas, AC, def. River Haskell, 6-2, 6-4.

Alice Vogel, AC, def. Raley Haskell, 6-1, 6-1.

Katherine Kretchman, AR, def. Addison O’Keefe, 4-6, 7-5, (10-5).

Avery Tennant, AC, def. Anna Mitzel, 6-0, 6-1.


Ringgenberg-Vogel, AC, def. H. Haskell-Barnett, 6-4, 6-0.

Comstock-Douglas, AC, def. R. Haskell-R. Haskell, 6-3, 6-1.

O’Keefe-Charlee Galvin, AC, def. Kretchman-Mitzel, 6-2, 6-1.


(Singles) Olivia Geier, AC, def Keira Rivett, 8-4; Izzy Helm AR, def. Shelby Rose, 9-7; Amy Fischer, AC, def. Josie Mitzel, 6-4; Serena Waltman, AC, def. Christina Mitzel, 6-2; (Doubles) Jenna Joachim-Ema Rehder, AC, def. Rivett-Helm, 6-0; Iszy Barnes-Kiannah Freddie, AC, def. J. Mitzel-C. Mitzel, 6-1; Helm-Rivett, AR, def. Fischer-Waltman, 7-5; Maddy Galvin-Reece Comstock, AC, def. J. Mitzel-C. Mitzel, 6-0.

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