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Rolling Hills Wednesday Night Ladies League

Rolling Hills
Wed Night Ladies League results
June 9, 2021
Dahme Nation 0 Hack Attack 2
I Like Big Putts 2 Natural Hazards 0
Pickin R Putts 0 Par Tee Girls 2
Happy Campers 1 Party of Fore 1
Dirty Birdies 1 Inman Irrigation 1
Chicks n Sticks (Bye) 0 Happy Campers
I like Big Putts 6
Inman Irrigation 5
Happy Campers 5
Hack Attack 4
Dirty Birdies 4
Party of Fore 3
Par Tee Girls 3
Pickin R Putts 2
Chicks n Sticks 0
Natural Hazards 0
Dahme Nation 0
Closest 2nd shot: Dahme Nation
Long Drive: Party of Fore
Longest Putt: Party of Fore & Inman Irrigation
Closest to Pin: Dirty Birdies &Pickin R Putts