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Wrestling Roundup

Clark-Willow Lake 45, Webster 21

145: Matt Batchelor (CWL) over Blaise McGregor (WEAR) (Fall 1:06) 152: Josh Kannegieter (CWL) over Gage Baumgarn (WEAR) (Fall 2:48) 160: Chase Chambers (CWL) over Matt Mork (WEAR) (Fall 0:41) 170: Elliot Bratland (CWL) over Isaac Nelson (WEAR) (Fall 2:38);

182: Matthew Angiolelli (WEAR) over Braeden Johnson (CWL) (Fall 4:31) 195: Riley Popp (CWL) over (WEAR) (For.) 220: Double Forfeit 285: Double Forfeit 106: Cade Gaikowski (CWL) over Tayten Kurkowski (WEAR) (Dec 3-1);

113: Cooper Pommer (CWL) over Gavon Larson (WEAR) (Fall 1:29) 120: Tacey Miller (WEAR) over Logan Foster (CWL) (Dec 7-2) 126: Austin Vig (CWL) over (WEAR) (For.) 132: Haeden Jorgenson (WEAR) over Taylor Merkel (CWL) (Fall 3:35) 138: Trace Shoemaker (WEAR) over (CWL) (For.).

Kingsbury County 54, Clark-Willow Lake 10

106: Rogen Albrecht (KICO) over Cade Gaikowski (CWL) (Dec 4-1) 113: Cooper Pommer (CWL) over Cody Zell (KICO) (MD 16-3) 120: Greyson Nielson (KICO) over Austin Vig (CWL) (MD 16-6) 126: Gannon Gilligan (KICO) over Damian Severson (CWL) (Fall 4:31);

132: Kaleb Johnson (KICO) over (CWL) (For.) 138: Ethan Johnson (KICO) over Taylor Merkel (CWL) (TF 17-0 4:59) 145: Sheldon Balderston (KICO) over Matt Batchelor (CWL) (Fall 2:30) 152: Dylan Zell (KICO) over (CWL) (For.) 160: Tucker Anderson (KICO) over Chase Chambers (CWL) (Fall 5:50);

170: Elliot Bratland (CWL) over Breyten Johnson (KICO) (Dec 10-3) 182: Braeden Johnson (CWL) over Deion Harris (KICO) (Dec 6-5) 195: Connor Johnson (KICO) over Riley Popp (CWL) (Fall 0:45) 220: Sam Crowe (KICO) over (CWL) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit.

Deuel-Deubrook Area 45, Clark-Willow Lake 33

132: Jaxon Quail (DDA) over (CWL) (For.) 138: CJ Fitzsimmons (DDA) over Taylor Merkel (CWL) (Dec 7-2) 145: Hayden Landmark (DDA) over Matt Batchelor (CWL) (Fall 2:58) 152: Josh Kannegieter (CWL) over Reed VanWormer (DDA) (Fall 3:24);

160: Chase Chambers (CWL) over (DDA) (For.) 170: Elliot Bratland (CWL) over Korbin Whiteley (DDA) (Dec 7-6) 182: Dominic Constant (DDA) over Braeden Johnson (CWL) (Fall 1:11) 195: Justin Granum (DDA) over Riley Popp (CWL) (Fall 0:20) 220: Raymond Klein (DDA) over (CWL) (For.);

285: Allen Wetz (DDA) over (CWL) (For.) 106: Cade Gaikowski (CWL) over Gage Landmark (DDA) (Fall 0:37) 113: Cooper Pommer (CWL) over Ryker Gauger (DDA) (Fall 1:16) 120: Austin Vig (CWL) over Tyson Hagberg (DDA) (Fall 2:54) 126: Gavin Kloos (DDA) over Logan Foster (CWL) (Fall 3:23).

Deuel-Deubrook Area 50, Webster 19

138: Trace Shoemaker (WEAR) over CJ Fitzsimmons (DDA) (Dec 7-2) 145: Hayden Landmark (DDA) over Blaise McGregor (WEAR) (TF 18-3 6:00) 152: Reed VanWormer (DDA) over Gage Baumgarn (WEAR) (Fall 0:48) 160: Korbin Whiteley (DDA) over Matt Mork (WEAR) (Fall 1:39);

170: Isaac Nelson (WEAR) over (DDA) (For.) 182: Dominic Constant (DDA) over Matthew Angiolelli (WEAR) (Fall 1:01) 195: Justin Granum (DDA) over (WEAR) (For.) 220: Raymond Klein (DDA) over (WEAR) (For.) 285: Allen Wetz (DDA) over (WEAR) (For.);

106: Tayten Kurkowski (WEAR) over Gage Landmark (DDA) (Dec 5-2) 113: Ryker Gauger (DDA) over Gavon Larson (WEAR) (Dec 9-5) 120: Tacey Miller (WEAR) over Tyson Hagberg (DDA) (MD 13-4) 126: Gavin Kloos (DDA) over (WEAR) (For.) 132: Haeden Jorgenson (WEAR) over Jaxon Quail (DDA) (TB-1 2-1).

Kingsbury County 53, Webster 14

106: Rogen Albrecht (KICO) over (WEAR) (For.) 113: Cody Zell (KICO) over Gavon Larson (WEAR) (Fall 5:11) 120: Greyson Nielson (KICO) over Tacey Miller (WEAR) (Dec 7-4) 126: Gannon Gilligan (KICO) over (WEAR) (For.);

132: Haeden Jorgenson (WEAR) over Kaleb Johnson (KICO) (TF 20-4 6:00) 138: Trace Shoemaker (WEAR) over Ethan Johnson (KICO) (Dec 7-2) 145: Dylan Zell (KICO) over (WEAR) (For.) 152: Sheldon Balderston (KICO) over Gage Baumgarn (WEAR) (MD 14-2) 160: Tucker Anderson (KICO) over Matt Mork (WEAR) (MD 14-0);

170: Isaac Nelson (WEAR) over Breyten Johnson (KICO) (Fall 0:51) 182: Deion Harris (KICO) over Matthew Angiolelli (WEAR) (Fall 3:12) 195: Connor Johnson (KICO) over (WEAR) (For.) 220: Sam Crowe (KICO) over (WEAR) (For.) 285: Double Forfeit.

Kingsbury County 49, Deuel-Deubrook Area 25

106: Rogen Albrecht (KICO) over Gage Landmark (DDA) (Fall 2:32) 113: Cody Zell (KICO) over Ryker Gauger (DDA) (Fall 3:04) 120: Greyson Nielson (KICO) over Tyson Hagberg (DDA) (Fall 3:46) 126: Gannon Gilligan (KICO) over Gavin Kloos (DDA) (Dec 5-1);

132: Jaxon Quail (DDA) over Kaleb Johnson (KICO) (Dec 4-2) 138: Ethan Johnson (KICO) over CJ Fitzsimmons (DDA) (Fall 4:32) 145: Sheldon Balderston (KICO) over Hayden Landmark (DDA) (MD 15-3) 152: Dylan Zell (KICO) over (DDA) (For.) 160: Tucker Anderson (KICO) over Reed VanWormer (DDA) (Fall 1:34);

170: Korbin Whiteley (DDA) over Breyten Johnson (KICO) (MD 16-6) 182: Dominic Constant (DDA) over Deion Harris (KICO) (Fall 0:51) 195: Justin Granum (DDA) over (KICO) (For.) 220: Connor Johnson (KICO) over Raymond Klein (DDA) (Fall 3:34) 285: Allen Wetz (DDA) over (KICO) (For.)

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