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Wrestling Roundup

Wessington Springs-Woonsocket-Wolsey-Wessington 45, Faulkton 33

106: Sean Roseland (FAAR) over Nolan Schaller (WSWW) (Fall 0:47) 113: Jacksen Carter (WSWW) over Kamryn Rhodes (FAAR) (Fall 0:34) 120: Aston Hill (WSWW) over (FAAR) (For.) 126: Kaydin Carter (WSWW) over (FAAR) (For.);

132: Carter Schulte (FAAR) over Carson Finn (WSWW) (Fall 3:47) 138: Ethan Rearick (WSWW) over Cole Noon (FAAR) (Fall 1:42) 145: Joey Hoverson (WSWW) over Caden Wilson (FAAR) (TF 16-1 4:21) 152: Garrett Cramer (FAAR) over Troy Fastnacht (WSWW) (Fall 5:05) 160: Drake Mueller (FAAR) over Hayes Havlik (WSWW) (Dec 3-2);

170: Tyson Eddy (WSWW) over Tristen Baloun (FAAR) (MD 14-5) 182: Braydin LaBore (WSWW) over (FAAR) (For.) 195: Keegan Haider (WSWW) over Lincoln Dikoff (FAAR) (Fall 0:47) 220: Carson Leonhardt (FAAR) over (WSWW) (For.) 285: Parker Bode (FAAR) over (WSWW) (For.).

Faulkton 42, Linton-Hazleton-Moffit-Braddock 33

106: Sean Roseland (FAAR) over Hauser Bridwell (LHMB) (Fall 4:41) 113: Gerard Goldade (LHMB) over Kamryn Rhodes (FAAR) (Fall 1:06) 120: Holter Bridwell (LHMB) over (FAAR) (For.) 126: Blake Mittleider (LHMB) over (FAAR) (For.);

132: Zach Dockter (LHMB) over Carter Schulte (FAAR) (Dec 9-2) 138: Cole Noon (FAAR) over (LHMB) (For.) 145: Caden Wilson (FAAR) over (LHMB) (For.) 152: Garrett Cramer (FAAR) over Blake Ketterling (LHMB) (Dec 6-3) 160: Drake Mueller (FAAR) over Noah Alderin (LHMB) (Fall 2:52);

170: Landon Schumacher (LHMB) over Tristen Baloun (FAAR) (Fall 1:08) 182: Kane Lund (LHMB) over Sawyer Paul (FAAR) (Fall 0:48) 195: Lincoln Dikoff (FAAR) over (LHMB) (For.) 220: Carson Leonhardt (FAAR) over (LHMB) (For.) 285: Parker Bode (FAAR) over Aaron Hoff-Wald (LHMB) (Dec 6-0).

Miller-Highmore-Harrold 57, Sioux Valley 6

170: Gunner Brueggeman (MHH) over (SIVA) (For.) 182: Tate Hoffman (MHH) over (SIVA) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Double Forfeit;

285: Tucker McCauley (MHH) over Owen VandeWeerd (SIVA) (Fall 3:26); 106: Chase Hurd (MHH) over (SIVA) (For.) 113: Talon Ping (MHH) over Tate Steffensen (SIVA) (Dec 2-0) 120: Jordan Schafer (MHH) over Dubhlainn Vermeulen (SIVA) (Fall 0:45) 126: Kellan Hurd (MHH) over Zane Miller (SIVA) (Fall 1:56);

132: Teagan Foreman (MHH) over (SIVA) (For.) 138: Double Forfeit 145: Andrew Gunderson (SIVA) over (MHH) (For.) 152: Colby Kolda (MHH) over (SIVA) (For.) 160: Ryder Rowland (MHH) over Skylar Trygstad (SIVA) (Fall 5:42).

Philip Area 49, Miller-Highmore-Harrold 22

195: Jeremiah Lange (PHAR) over (MHH) (For.) 220: Tucker McCauley (MHH) over Radley Wendt (PHAR) (Fall 5:51) 285: Keith Brummet (PHAR) over (MHH) (For.) 106: Gatlin Cordes (PHAR) over Chase Hurd (MHH) (Dec 5-0);

113: Asher Peterson (PHAR) over Talon Ping (MHH) (Fall 1:36) 120: Kipp Cordes (PHAR) over Jordan Schafer (MHH) (MD 18-9) 126: Kellan Hurd (MHH) over Rayler Fitch (PHAR) (Fall 0:21) 132: Latham Gabriel (PHAR) over (MHH) (For.) 138: Jace Blasius (PHAR) over Teagan Foreman (MHH) (Dec 5-2);

145: Gage Ravellette (PHAR) over (MHH) (For.) 152: Colby Kolda (MHH) over (PHAR) (For.) 160: Thane Simons (PHAR) over Ryder Rowland (MHH) (Fall 1:55) 170: Mason Heath (PHAR) over Gunner Brueggeman (MHH) (Dec 11-7) 182: Tate Hoffman (MHH) over Quinn Moon (PHAR) (MD 12-3).

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