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Golden Eagles sweep team titles at Webster Invitational

Aberdeen Central’s Rayden Zens, left, turns around Mitchell’s Penn Long, right, during their 126 pound match at Thursday’s dual at the Golden Eagles Arena. Zens won a title at the Webster Invitational on Saturday. Photo by John Davis taken 12/29/2022

WEBSTER – Aberdeen Central made the most of its new opportunity on Saturday.

The Golden Eagles won team championships in both the boys’ and girls’ divisions at the Webster Invitational wrestling tournament, an event that wasn’t even on their original schedule.

After a meet in North Dakota was recently postponed, Central was able to get into the Webster event and took advantage of its chance.

“We got a lot of good experience. It was good competition. It was different competition, kids that we don’t normally see, kids that aren’t even in our class,” said Central coach Donnie Bowden. “We saw some Minnesota schools, we saw some B schools. It was just good to see something different, but it was really nice that they allowed us to get into the tournament and pick up some matches.”

The Golden Eagles had four champions in the boys’ division on the way to racking up 208.5 points, eight better than runner-up Miller-Highmore-Harrold. Individual champs for Central included Esten Foss at 98 pounds, Rayden Zens at 126, Mason Schrempp at 145, and Ayden Gisi at 170.

Foss rolled through the competition at his exhibition weight class.

“Once he gets to wrestle kids his size, he’s just tough to handle,” Bowden said. “He just burned right through the bracket. He had a really good day.”

Zens and Schrempp continue to have stellar seasons for the Central.

“Rayden wrestled tough,” Bowden said. “He went out and scored bonus points in the finals against a very tough kid.”

Is was the same situation for Schrempp.

“He also found a way to find a major and get some more points in the final,” Bowden said.

Gisi ended up defeating teammate Logan Opitz in his title match.

“Sometimes you get the luxury of when you get to enter some extras and that’s where it was,” Bowden said, “so it was good to see both of our guys make the final and Ayden ultimately won.”

Champions on the girls’ side included Madyson Gillen and Ula Martin, who won contested matches. Both recorded falls in their title matches.

Gillen also scored 14 points in her other match.

“She scored a lot of points today,” Bowden said. “She was pretty dominant in a couple of her matches.

Martin scored a pin in the third period to win her weight class.

Aberdeen Central’s Ula Martin, left, faces off with Mitchell’s Danny Borja, right, during their 126 pound match at Thursday’s dual at the Golden Eagles Arena. Photo by John Davis taken 12/29/2022

“She won her finals match pretty decisively,” Bowden said.

Other area champions included Cooper Pommer of Clark-Willow Lake, Talon Ping, Teagen Foreman, Colby Kolda, Ryder Rowland and Tate Hoffman of Miller-Highmore-Harrold, Haeden Jorgenson of Webster, Justin Granum of Deuel, Aiden Schoenhard of Mobridge-Pollock, Lucas Rowland of Ipswich-Bowdle-Leola, and Liza Krueger of Groton.

In all, it was a memorable day for the Golden Eagles.

“It was good to go over there and win on both sides, but it was just really nice to get some wrestling in,” Bowden said. “It was really nice to make up some matches. I think we took another step in the right direction again today and we’re ready to get back at it next week.”

Central heads to a tournament in Bismarck, N.D., this weekend. Bowden said the 35-team tournament will rank right up there with the Rapid City Invitational.

“It’s probably the second toughest tournament we go to throughout the year, behind Rapid,” he said. “It’s a really good test. We’ll kind of see where we shake out.”

To see complete boys’ results, click on the following link:;teamBox=1361584143:fontSizeBox=10:patternBox=1000

To see complete girls’ results, click on the following link:

Aberdeen Central results

98 Pounds

Esten Foss: pinned Gage Landmark, Deuel/Deubrook Area :40; pinned Isaac Johnson, Clark/Willow Lake, 1:01; pinned Trig Olson, Border West, 1:20; def. Tayten Kurkowski, Webster, 9-0. FIRST PLACE.

113 Pounds

Porter Lozenski: def. Tucker Hennessy, Border West, 18-5; def. Cody Klepel, Ortonville, 7-3; pinned Gavin Denherder, Garretson, :41; lost to Talon Ping, Miller/Highmore-Harrold, 9-0. SECOND PLACE.

120 Pounds

Ridley Waldo: bye; pinned Dubhlainn Vermeulen, Sioux Valley, 2:27; pinned Walker Zoellner, Groton, 3:29; lost to Cole Sykora, Border West, 6-2. SECOND PLACE.

126 Pounds

Rayden Zens: bye; pinned Xavier Kadlec, Ipswich/Bowdle, :57; pinned Zane Miller, Sioux Valley, 1:41; def. Kellan Hurd, Miller/Highmore-Harrold, 15-4. FIRST PLACE.

132 Pounds

Tate Huff: pinned Tristan McGannon, Groton, :58; def. Bryce Hawkinson, Britton-Hecla, 9-2; pinned by Eli Larson, Border West, 5:05; lost to Wyatt Wientjes, Mobridge-Pollock, 9-8.

138 Pounds

Jacob Bellefeuille: lost to Peyton Forcier, Border West, 12-8; pinned Preston Bohl, Garretson, 2:41; pinned Wyatt Hardt, Sioux Valley, :22; def. Trace Shoemaker, Webster, 11-3; pinned by
Jude Olson, Border West, 2:58.

145 Pounds

Mason Schrempp: bye; pinned Gage Baumgarn, Webster, :16; technical fall over Brock Gisselbeck, Hamlin/Castlewood, 19-4; def Josh Kannegieter, Clark/Willow Lake, 11-3. FIRST PLACE.

145 Pounds

Noah Kramer: bye; def. Anthony Eustice, Ortonville, 6-0; lost to Josh Kannegieter, Clark/Willow Lake, 4-2; pinned Dashel Davidson, Britton-Hecla, 1:39; pinned by Brock Gisselbeck, Hamlin/Castlewood, 2:25. FOURTH PLACE.

152 Pounds

Elias Biegler: lost to Elliot Bratland, Clark/Willow Lake, 6-2; bye; def Collin Beaner, Britton-Hecla, 8-1; pinned Logan Peterson, Miller/Highmore-Harrold, 1:22; def. Elliot Bratland Clark/Willow Lake, by forfeit; lost to Patrick Forcier, Border West, 5-2. FOURTH PLACE.

160 Pounds

Cordell Rychlik: pinned by Chase Chambers, Clark/Willow Lake, 1:45; bye; pinned Ben Suther, Britton-Hecla, 2:02; lost to Remmington Ford, Mobridge-Pollock, 7-5.

170 Pounds

Ayden Gisi: def. Gunner Brueggeman, Miller/Highmore-Harrold, 6-5; pinned Braeden Johnson Clark/Willow Lake, 3:21; pinned Conner Glines, Britton-Hecla, 1:46; def. Logan Opitz, Aberdeen Central, 4-0. FIRST PLACE.

170 Pounds

Logan Opitz: bye; pinned Isaac Kirchberg, Ortonville, :42; def. Cole Bisbee, Groton, 7-2; lost to
Ayden Gisi, Aberdeen Central, 4-0. SECOND PLACE.

182 Pounds

Cole Dunlavy: bye; pinned Landyn Fredrick, Britton-Hecla, :22; def. Dominic Constant, Deuel/Deubrook Area, 3-1; pinned by Tate Hoffman, Miller/Highmore-Harrold, :25. SECOND PLACE.

182 Pounds

Ryker Meister: bye; lost to Dominic Constant, Deuel/Deubrook Area, 6-3; pinned Logan Omundson, :30; pinned Landyn Fredrick, Britton-Hecla, :16); pinned Jesse Bears Heart, Mobridge-Pollock, 3:17; def. Dominic Constant, Deuel/Deubrook Area, 5-3. THIRD PLACE.

195 Pounds

Samson Flakus: pinned by Justin Granum, Deuel/Deubrook Area, 1:34; pinned
Dane Hansen, Britton-Hecla, :45; pinned Darrel Yost, Ipswich/Bowdle, 2:28. SECOND PLACE.

220 Pounds
Bryce Beitelspacher:
pinned Gavin Englund, Groton, :50; lost to Aiden Schoenhard, Mobridge-Pollock, 8-3; pinned Raymond Klein, Deuel/Deubrook Area, :18; def. Brock Tuttle, Hanson, 5-3. THIRD PLACE.

285 Pounds

Jacob Krenz: pinned Axton Gates, Mobridge-Pollock, :58; pinned Noah Adelman, Border West, 3:24); lost to Lucas Rowland, Ipswich/Bowdle 4-2; pinned Owen VandeWeerd, Sioux Valley, :41; pinned Tucker Hardy, Britton-Hecla, :39. THIRD PLACE.


106 Pounds

Avery Bendewald: pinned Mya Yonker, Hamlin/Castlewood, 3:18; pinned by Liza Krueger, Groton, 4:54. SECOND PLACE.

113 Pounds

Madyson Gillen: bye; def. Dani Batchelor, Clark/Willow Lake, 14-10; pinned Jocelyn Rumpca, Webster, :39. FIRST PLACE.

113 Pounds

Kalyn Rohrbach: lost to Jocelyn Rumpca, Webster, 11-7; bye; pinned by Dani Batchelor, Clark/Willow Lake, :51.

120 Pounds

Allison Neitzel: bye; bye. FIRST PLACE.

132 Pounds

Ula Martin: bye; pinned Jasmin Perez, Mobridge-Pollock, 5:06. FIRST PLACE.

154 Pounds

Katrina Gibson: pinned Kyla Logan, Doland, Fall 3:16; pinned Brooke Grajczyk, Webster, 3:54; lost to Summer Guthmiller, Sioux Valley 13-8. SECOND PLACE.

285 Pounds

Autum Gauer: bye; bye. FIRST PLACE.

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