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Central wrestlers finish second at Harrisburg tourney

Aberdeen Central’s Bryce Beitelspacher, center, looks to referee Scott Gangle, right, as Beitelspacher works to pin Mitchell’s Connor Degen during their 220 pound match in a dual earlier this season at the Golden Eagles Arena. Beitelspacher had three victories at the Harrisburg Dual Tournament on Saturday. Photo by John Davis taken 12/29/2022

HARRISBURG – Aberdeen Central had a big day at the Harrisburg Dual Wrestling Tournament Saturday winning three of the four duals they competed in to take second place.

The Golden Eagles rolled past Sioux Falls Roosevelt 84-0 and Shawnee Mission Northwest 78-6, and stopped Tea Area 42-25 before falling to Harrisburg 39-27.

“It was a good day. Those first two duals we won 27 of 28 matches and all by pin or forfeit,” said Central coach Donnie Bowden. “We had a perfect dual score of 84-0 and the other was 78-6, so those don’t come around often.”

The day was just getting started for the Eagles.

“Then we moved into the Tea dual where we got a little redemption from the beginning of the year,” Bowden said. “They were ranked ahead of us in the state dual rankings, so that helps with seed points and all those kinds of things.”

While Central fell to Harrisburg, the Eagles also saw where they stacked up against the Tigers. The two will meet again this season in an Eastern South Dakota Conference dual.

“It was very good to kind of see where we measure up against them,” Bowden said. “They’ve been having some very competitive scores and they’ve been scoring a lot of points against other teams, in the conference and outside of the conference.”

Central’s results on the day are an indication that the squad continues to move in the right direction, according to Bowden.

“Everything we’ve been working on, everything we’ve been preaching, you’re starting to see it,” Bowden said.

Central’s girls competed in a tournament in Harrisburg on Friday. Madyson Gillen and Katrina Gibson both finished second and Autum Gauer was fifth.

Gillen had three pins during the tourney.

“Throughout the tournament she was dominant,” Bowden said.

Gibson also pinned three of her opponents.

“She wrestled very solid again,” Bowden said. “She’s always been consistent. She sticks to the game plan.”

Gauer returned to action this past week and also won by fall three times.

“It was good to get her out there and get her to compete,” Bowden said.

The girls are back in action at another tournament on Friday in Pierre. The Central boys will compete in Pierre Saturday at the East-West Dual Tournament.

Aberdeen Central 84, Sioux Falls Roosevelt 0
152: Elias Biegler (ABCE) over Jackson Grasma (SFR) (Fall 0:40) 160: Logan Opitz (ABCE) over Brayden Park (SFR) (Fall 0:44) 170: Ayden Gisi (ABCE) over Christian Slagle (SFR) (Fall 0:33) 182: Cole Dunlavy (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.);

195: Samson Flakus (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.) 220: Bryce Beitelspacher (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.) 285: Jacob Krenz (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.) 106: Will Allen (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.) 113: Porter Lozenski (ABCE) over Colton Kline (SFR) (Fall 1:02);

120: Ridley Waldo (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.) 126: Rayden Zens (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.) 132: Tate Huff (ABCE) over Zack Brumnond (SFR) (Fall 0:57) 138: Brody Aesoph (ABCE) over (SFR) (For.) 145: Jacob Bellefeuille (ABCE) over Caden Kline (SFR) (Fall 1:05).

Aberdeen Central 78, Shawnee Mission Northwest 6
160: Logan Opitz (ABCE) over (SMN) (For.) 170: Ayden Gisi (ABCE) over Wyatt Coats (SMN) (Fall 1:17) 182: Cole Dunlavy (ABCE) over Gabriel Gast (SMN) (Fall 0:00) 195: Lucas  Hageman (SMN) over Samson Flakus (ABCE) (Fall 5:36);

220: Bryce Beitelspacher (ABCE) over Harper Engel (SMN) (Fall 2:58) 285: Jacob Krenz (ABCE) over Adrian Elsen (SMN) (Fall 1:05) 106: Will Allen (ABCE) over Anthony Maslovaric (SMN) (Fall 0:28) 113: Porter Lozenski (ABCE) over Lukas  Dunn (SMN) (Fall 1:43) 120: Ridley Waldo (ABCE) over Cash Woods (SMN) (Fall 0:35);

126: Rayden Zens (ABCE) over Souleye Bodian (SMN) (Fall 0:54) 132: Tate Huff (ABCE) over Benjamin Scheffler (SMN) (Fall 1:15) 138: Brody Aesoph (ABCE) over Jack Scheffler (SMN) (Fall 1:14) 145: Noah Kramer (ABCE) over Traimyre Woodruff (SMN) (Fall 3:22) 152: Elias Biegler (ABCE) over Ayden Snyder (SMN) (Fall 0:39).

Aberdeen Central 42, Tea Area 25
182: Cole Dunlavy (ABCE) over Gavin Van Emmerik (TEAR) (TF 18-3 5:12) 195: Samson Flakus (ABCE) over Keegan DeYoung (TEAR) (Fall 1:24) 220: Bryce Beitelspacher (ABCE) over Chase DeBoer (TEAR) (Fall 1:24) 285: Jacob Krenz (ABCE) over (TEAR) (For.);

106: Will Allen (ABCE) over Slater Wilson (TEAR) (Fall 5:22) 113: Tyler Woodring (TEAR) over Porter Lozenski (ABCE) (Fall 1:15) 120: Ridley Waldo (ABCE) over Hunter Wilson (TEAR) (Dec 6-0) 126: Rayden Zens (ABCE) over Jackson Tschetter (TEAR) (MD 15-4) 132: Maddix Slykhuis (TEAR) over Tate  Huff (ABCE) (MD 25-12);

138: Brody Aesoph (ABCE) over Parker Wilson (TEAR) (Dec 9-4) 145: Wyatt Stuntebeck (TEAR) over Noah Kramer (ABCE) (Fall 0:59) 152: Carson Lohr (TEAR) over Elias Biegler (ABCE) (Dec 7-1) 160: Logan Opitz (ABCE) over Dawson Eimers (TEAR) (Dec 4-2) 170: Sam Werdel (TEAR) over Ayden Gisi (ABCE) (Fall 2:18).

Harrisburg 39, Aberdeen Central 27
195: Jack Detert (HARR) over Samson Flakus (ABCE) (Fall 5:59) 220: Aiden Schroeder (HARR) over Bryce Beitelspacher (ABCE) (Dec 3-1) 285: Jacob Krenz (ABCE) over Gueibondy Doelue (HARR) (Fall 1:08) 106: Griffin Felder (HARR) over Will Allen (ABCE) (Dec 6-4);

113: Emory Johnson (HARR) over Porter Lozenski (ABCE) (Dec 6-2) 120: Ridley Waldo (ABCE) over Tyler Wurth (HARR) (Fall 1:23) 126: Rayden Zens (ABCE) over Carter Ractliffe (HARR) (Fall 4:42) 132: Tate Huff (ABCE) over Lincoln Peters (HARR) (Dec 14-8) 138: Dylan O`Connor (HARR) over Brody Aesoph (ABCE) (Dec 8-1);

145: Teegen Stauffacher (HARR) over Noah Kramer (ABCE) (Dec 9-4) 152: Logan O`Connor (HARR) over Elias Biegler (ABCE) (Fall 1:48) 160: Peyton Tryon (HARR) over Logan Opitz (ABCE) (Fall 2:50) 170: Soren Aadland (HARR) over Ayden Gisi (ABCE) (Fall 1:49) 182: Cole Dunlavy (ABCE) over Brandon Simunek (HARR) (Fall 3:53).


AVERY BENDEWALD: pinned by Mary-Katherine Joseph, Brandon Valley, 5:37; pinned by Hannah  Jensen, Dell Rapids, 1:17.

KATRINA GIBSON: pinned Brianna Kelly, Harrisburg, :39; pinned Annala Davis, Brandon Valley, 3:29; pinned Kenzie King, Canton, 2:48; lost to Hattie Baldwin, Pierre, 8-3. SECOND PLACE.

AUTUM GAUER: bye; pinned by Alissa Ault, Sioux Falls Jefferson, 4:46; pinned Brylee Pelle, Pierre, :32; pinned Brinlee Smith, Viborg-Hurley/Irene-Wakonda, :49; pinned by Maria Larson, Sioux Falls Lincoln, 3:11; pinned Unique Clairmont, Todd County, 2:00. FIFTH PLACE.

MADYSON GILLEN: pinned Ragan Peacock, Harrisburg, :24; pinned Kali Ringstmeyer, Pierre, 3:58; pinned Adaleene Hansen, Lisbon, 1:17; pinned by Sara Schroder, Canton, :44. SECOND PLACE.

JASMINE MAAS: pinned by Sammie Reil, Harrisburg, 2:53; lost to Reese Irwin, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 6-4.

ULA MARTIN: lost to Mia Butler, Shawnee Mission Northwest, 7-0; pinned Jaylynn Marshall, Todd County, 1:25; pinned by Kieonna Smith, Canton, 1:54.

LIN PAW JONE: pinned by Saige Hinricher, Brookings, 1:58; pinned Katelyn Yexley, Watertown, 3:27; pinned by Atlantis Witt, Todd County, 1:54.

KALYN ROHRBACH: pinned by Sara Schroder, Canton, 1:47; pinned by SageLynn Culley, Sioux Falls Roosevelt, 4:30.

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