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Athletes display competitive spirit at indoor meet

Groton Area’s Laila Roberts, right, leads Aberdeen Roncalli’s Morgan Fiedler, left, as they sprint for the finish line in the 4x160 relay Thursday at the Cavalier Relays in the Barnett Center. Photo by John Davis taken 4/14/2022

While Thursday’s indoor track and field meet was not even on the radar a few days ago, athletes showed up primed and ready to compete.

Aberdeen Roncalli put together a last-minute meet at the Barnett Center for area teams which had meets canceled this past week, and athletes put it all on the line during the Cavalier Relays to win events and set personal records.

One of those was Groton freshman Laila Roberts. Running the anchor leg on the 640-meter relay, Roberts found herself standing next to Roncalli standout Morgan Fiedler as the third runners were heading in with the baton.

Roberts described her emotions as teammate Aspen Johnson handed her the baton just before Fiedler took the pass from her teammate to start the final leg.

“It’s scary,” Roberts said of the prospect of racing against Fiedler. “I’m glad that Aspen got in front of it otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to catch her.”

As it was, Roberts had the difficult task of staying in front of Fiedler, but she was able to do it to record a major accomplishment.

“My goal this whole season has been just to beat her,” Roberts said, “and I guess it happened.”

Later in the day Roberts ran the lead leg on another winning relay squad. She said there is a major difference between starting off a race and finishing it.

“It’s definitely different,” Roberts said, “because you’re the one that has to try and get in front of everyone to help your team out.”

No one got in front of Carter Geditz of Ipswich in the 55-meter hurdles. The junior topped the field en route to the victory.

Geditz, who qualified for state in the 300 hurdles as an eighth-grader, did not compete in track for the past years before returning to the sport this spring.

“I just started lifting for a while,” Geditz said of his absence, “and I just came back into track because coaches kept bothering me about it.”

Carter Geditz, of Ipswich, leads the field as he clears the final hurdle in the boys 55 meter hurdles Thursday at the Cavalier Relays in the Barnett Center. Photo by John Davis taken 4/14/2022

When Geditz returned to the squad, he found a new hurdles coach waiting for him. Former Edmunds Central multi-time state hurdles champion Bryce Malsam is now an assistant coach for Ipswich.

Geditz said Malsam has helped him with one thing in particular.

“How to get the trail leg over smooth,” Geditz said. “That was my problem in eighth grade. I kind of dialed that in.”

Now, Geditz is dialed in on trying to break some of Malsam’s hurdling records. He is confident that he will be able to do so.

“That’s the goal to try to beat him,” Geditz said. Asked if Malsam was OK with that, Geditz responded, “I guess he’s going to have to be.”

Many athletes set personal records or school records during the meet.

Redfield’s Denae Paulsen broke her best time in the 200-meter dash by nearly two seconds.

“It’s a lot harder to run indoors I feel, because of the curves and the smaller track,” said the senior sprinter.

Redfield’s Denae Paulsen, far right, leads Groton Area’s Kayla Lehr, center, Ipswich’s Kathryn Kilber, left and Groton Area’s Karsyn Jangula, far left, during their heat of the 200 meter dash Thursday at the Cavalier Relays in the Barnett Center. Photo by John Davis taken 4/14/2022

Paulsen said she likes the 100-meter dash better than the 200.

“I feel like I’m better at it and I don’t get so tired,” Paulsen said, “because I’m not very good with my endurance.”

Roncalli’s Mason Carrels continue his busy schedule on Thursday. The senior, who splits his time with the tennis team as well as the track and field squad, competed in a variety of events all at the same time.

Carrels started in the pole vault before leaving to run the 55-meter dash. He returned to the pole vault before he was called into action on a relay squad. He then returned one last time to the vault.

“You just get kind of tired,” Carrels said of the demanding schedule. “You have to settle down and lower your heart rate and try to get back into it.”

Carrels won the pole vault, clearing the bar at 11 feet.

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Mason Carrels goes over the bar in the pole vault Thursday at the Cavalier Relays in the Barnett Center. Photo by John Davis taken 4/14/2022

“I haven’t pole vaulted yet this year so to jump 11 was really surprising,” he said. “It felt very comfortable, too, So that was nice.”

Carrels knows there will be times when track and tennis will have a scheduling conflict this spring, but he is ready for the challenge.

As he showed Thursday, he just has to be flexible and focused.

“It’s really tough to stay focused, but luckily today it’s a short meet so it’s a little bit easier,” Carrels said. “Going back and forth from tennis though, you have kind of just have to let your mind take a break and then kind of recycle in.”

There were numerous athletes who won multiple individual events on the day.

Fiedler won both the long jump and the triple jump, Frederick’s Morgan Sumption won the 800-meter and 1,600-meter, Ty Kadlec of Ipswich won the 55-meter dash and 200, Maxwell Kulesa of Ipswich won the 800 and 1,600, and Abe Kretchman of Aberdeen Christian won the long jump and triple jump.

Kretchman won the triple jump in his first ever attempt at the event and led a strong delegation in the long jump that saw four Knights place among the top seven.

“We did pretty well across the board in long jump,” said Christian coach Sam Bjorkman. “We placed four which is always good and had a couple of young guys for the long jump, so that was good.”

Christian also received a second-place showing from Walker Larson in the 800. The senior won his heat and ended up having the second fastest time overall.

“Getting second from the first heat shows that he’s got it in his head to do what he needs to do. That was nice to see,” Bjorkman said. “That was just laying down his first 800 for the year. He’s got so much potential and his top speed is so good.”

The Knights are scheduled to compete at a meet in Britton on Tuesday.

Roncalli also received first place finishes from Ella Ulmer in the 55-meter hurdles and Matthew Martinez in the 400-meter dash.

“It’s always an opportunity for us again to assess where are we at, where do we need to be,” said Roncalli coach Mark Stone, “affirms what we’ve been doing, it affirms the progress that we’ve made.”

Stone thanked Northern State for its help in putting on the spur of the moment meet, which allowed area athletes another chance to compete.

“We kind of think of this as a neighborhood meet. Invite some friends that are nearby and put some teams together and ask everybody to help,” Stone said, “and you can create an opportunity for everybody’s athletes to participate.”

The Cavaliers will now take a few days off to relax and reflect before getting back to work on Monday.

“We’re pleased with our kids today, but we also recognize that we have a really nice opportunity to rest over the Easter Weekend,” Stone said, “physically, mentally, spiritually, to take a step back and appreciate the gift of Holy Week.”

Participating teams: Aberdeen Christian, Aberdeen Roncalli, Frederick, Groton, Ipswich, Redfield.


55-Meter Hurdles: 1, Ella Ulmer, Aberdeen Roncalli, :09.93; 2, Marley Guthmiller, Ipswich, :10.03; 3, Josie Knutson, Ipswich, :10.30; 4, Maddie Huber, Aberdeen Roncalli, :10.93; 5, Jalyssa Hutson, Ipswich, :10.96; 6, Kiara O’Daniel, Redfield, :11.06; 7, Jaz Hart-Crissman, Aberdeen Roncalli, :11.80.

55-Meter Dash: results not available.

200-Meter Dash: 1, Denae Paulsen, Redfield, :29.79; 2, Josie Knutson, Ipswich, :30.86; 3, Kathryn Kilber, Ipswich, :31.00; 4, Ali Isakson, Aberdeen Christian, :31.31; 5, Katherine Kretchman, Aberdeen Christian, :31.43; 6, Kayla Lehr, Groton, :31.75; 7, Karsyn Jangula, Groton, :31.82; 8, Karlie Gohl, Ipswich, :32.27.

400-Meter Dash: 1, Camryn Rohlfs, Redfield, 1:06.84; 2, Marley Guthmiller, Ipswich, 1:09.59; 3, Teryn Jandel, Redfield, 1:11.77; 4, Madisen Martin, Aberdeen Roncalli, 1:13.72; 5, Anna Nierman, Ipswich, 1:16.09; 6, Lindsey Mehlberg, Ipswich, 1:16.21; 7, Zoe Cox, Frederick, 1:19.68; 8, Kiara O’Daniel, Redfield, 1:19.88.

800-Meter Run: 1, Morgan Sumption, Frederick, 2:36.71; 2, Madisyn Gellhaus, Ipswich, 2:38.84; 3, Faith Traphagen, Groton, 2:40.96; 4, (tie) Paige Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 2:43.40, and Laura Sumption, Frederick, 2:43.40; 6, Sofia Losure, Frederick, 2:45.24; 7, Sarah Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 2:45.90; 8, Bella Martinez, Aberdeen Roncalli, 2:48.93.

1,600-Meter Run: 1, Morgan Sumption, Frederick, 5:53.20; 2, Madisyn Gellhaus, Ipswich, 5:55.15; 3, Paige Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 6:06.08; 4, Laura Sumption, Frederick, 6:11.21; 5, Madisen Martin, Aberdeen Roncalli, 6:14.12; 6, Sofia Losure, Frederick, 6:20.40; 7, Baylee Kulesa, Ipswich, 6:57.71; 8, Talli Wright, Groton, 6:58.68.

Shot Put: 1, Maddie Bjerke, Groton, 30-6.25; 2, Sophia Madsen, Aberdeen Roncalli, 28-2.75; 3, Faith Fliehs, Groton, 27-1; 4, Emma Kutter, Groton, 26-9; 5, Reagan Nelson, Redfield, 26-4.50; 6, Olivia Owens, Redfield, 26-2.75; 7, Jadit Puok, Redfield, 25-9.25; 8, Tristan Geditz, Ipswich, 25-8.

High Jump: 1, Sofia Losure, Frederick, 5-2.25; 2, Gracie Lange, Ipswich, 4-7.75; 3, Katie Rozell, Redfield, 4-6; 4, Kathryn Olivier, Aberdeen Roncalli, 4-4; 5, Jalyssa Hutson, Ipswich, 4-4; 6, Anna Fjeldheim, Groton, 4-2; 7, Jaz Hart-Crissman, Aberdeen Roncalli, 4-2; 8, Trista Keith, Groton, 4-0.

Long Jump: 1, Morgan Fiedler, Aberdeen Roncalli, 19-4.25; 2, Camryn Rohlfs, Redfield, 15-5.50; 3, Gracie Lang, Ipswich, 15-0.75; 4, Aspen Johnson, Groton, 14-10; 5, Katherine Kretchman, Aberdeen Christian, 14-3.25; 6, Kennedy Hanson, Groton, 13-10.25; 7, Trista Keith, Groton, 13-0.25; 8, Chloe Arneson, Frederick, 13-0.

Triple Jump: 1, Morgan Fiedler, Aberdeen Roncalli, 33-6.75; 2, Aspen Johnson, Groton, 31-4.50; 3, Ashley Ptacek, Ipswich, 30-9.75; 4, Gracie Lange, Ipswich, 28-5; 5, Katie Rozell, Redfield, 28-4.50; 6, Maddie Huber, Aberdeen Roncalli, 27-4.75; 7, Anna Fjeldheim, Groton, 27-2.75; 8, Jayda Gisi, Ipswich, 25-8.25.

Pole Vault: 1, Marley Guthmiller, Ipswich, 8-11.75; 2, (tie) Jalyssa Hutson, Ipswich, 7-6, and Quincy Olivier, Ipswich, 7-6; 4, Kathryn Kilber, Ipswich, 6-11.75; 5, Lillian Jensen, Aberdeen Roncalli, 6-11.75; 6, Anna Mitzel, Aberdeen Roncalli, 6-0; 7, (tie) Liz Jensen, Aberdeen Roncalli, 5-6, and Matayah Henrich, Aberdeen Roncalli, 5-6.

640-Meter Relay: 1, Groton (Jerica Locke, Kennedy Hanson, Aspen Johnson, Laila Roberts), 1:30.43; 2, Aberdeen Roncalli, 1:30.78; 3, Ipswich, 1:36.21; 4, Groton B, 1:39.83; 5, Frederick, 1:44.93.

Medley Relay: 1, Groton (Laila Roberts, Kennedy Hanson, Jerica Locke, Faith Traphagen), 3:43.94; 2, Aberdeen Roncalli, 3:49.25; 3, Ipswich, 3:49.56; 4, Groton B, 3:58.00; Aberdeen Roncalli B, 4:08.85; 6, Frederick, 4:25.22.

1,600-Meter Relay: 1, Groton (Jerica Locke, Kennedy Hanson, Brooklyn Hanson, Faith Traphagen), 4:35.44; 2, Ipswich, 4:39.69; 3, Aberdeen Roncalli, 4:45.06; 4, Redfield, 4:53.72; 5, Aberdeen Roncalli B, 4:57.81; 6, Groton B, 4:59.31.


55-Meter Hurdles: 1, Carter Geditz, Ipswich, :08.18; 2, Parker Grieben, Aberdeen Roncalli, :10.12; 3, (tie) Tristan McGannon, Groton, :10.35, and Tristen O’Daniel, Redfield, :10.35; 5, Caden McInerney, Groton, :10.96; 6, Michael Weisenburger, Aberdeen Roncalli, :11.01; 7, Jacob Zak, Groton, :11.15; 8, Kaden Weig, Ipswich, :11.24.

55-Meter Dash: 1, Ty Kadlec, Ipswich, :06.50; 2, Colby Sylte, Ipswich, :06.60; 3, Carson Gohl, Ipswich, :06.61; 4, (tie) Maddox May, Aberdeen Roncalli, :06.65, and Trevor Heinz, Ipswich, :06.65; 6, Tyler Hettich, Ipswich, :06.77; 7, Andrew Brennan, Aberdeen Christian, :06.86; 8, Abe Kretchman, Aberdeen Christian, :06.88.

200-Meter Dash: 1, Ty Kadlec, Ipswich, :23.90; 2, Trevor Heinz, Ipswich, :24.99; 3, Turner Thorson, Ipswich, :25.15; 4, Colby Sylte, Ipswich, :25.47; 5, Andrew Brennan, Aberdeen Christian, :25.56; 6, Jackson Isakson, Aberdeen Christian, :26.62; 7, Abe Holscher, Aberdeen Christian, :26.75; 8, Kaden Larson, Aberdeen Roncalli, :26.78.

400-Meter Dash: 1, Matthew Martinez, Aberdeen Roncalli, :54.87; 2, Mason Hinz, Frederick, :56.75; 3, Justin Ratigan, Redfield, :57.81; 4, Kyle Woodring, Redfield, :58.52; 5, Josh Schaunaman, Aberdeen Christian, :59.62; 6, Jacob Buranen, Redfield, 1:02.47; 7, Sam Vetter, Frederick, 1:03.40; 8, Nevon Jensen, Frederick, 1:04.15.

800-Meter Run: 1, Maxwell Kulesa, Ipswich, 2:17.59; 2, Walker Larson, Aberdeen Christian, 2:17.90; 3, Stephen Achen, Frederick, 2:18.14; 4, Ian Beyers, Ipswich, 2:18.50; 5, Turner Thorson, Ipswich, 2:18.84; 6, Paul Gutenkauf, Aberdeen Roncalli, 2:18.96; 7, Noah Kippley, Frederick, 2:20.43; 8, Brayden Sumption, Frederick, 2:20.93.

1,600-Meter Run: 1, Maxwell Kulesa, Ipswich, 5:16.34; 2, Milo Sumption, Frederick, 5:18.75; 3, Holden Bartel, Aberdeen Christian, 5:19.02; 4, Jacob Lewandowski, Groton, 5:21.90; 5, Garrett Griffin, Aberdeen Roncalli, 5:26.65; 6, Paul Gutenkauf, Aberdeen Roncalli, 5:26.90; 7, Dylan Wald, Ipswich, 5:30.08; 8, Taylor Thorson, Ipswich, 5:35.49.

Shot Put: 1, Zach Geditz, Ipswich, 43-1; 2, Lucas Rowland, Ipswich, 41-3; 3, Holden Sippel, Groton, 39-10.50; 4, Caleb Hanten, Groton, 39-3.75; 5, Colin Frericks, Redfield, 38-2; 6, Kaleb Antonsen, Groton, 37-7.25; 7, Elijah Morrisette, Redfield, 36-2.25; 8, Hunter Pearson, Aberdeen Christian, 36-0.25.

High Jump: 1, Jackson Cogley, Groton, 5-6; 2, Tyler Hettich, Ipswich, 5-6; 3, Brayden Sumption, Frederick, 5-6; 4, Austin Meyers, Aberdeen Roncalli, 4-11.75; 5, Justin Ratigan, Redfield, 4-11.75; 6, Winston Clark, Frederick, 4-6.

Long Jump: 1, Abe Kretchman, Aberdeen Christian, 19-7; 2, Trevor Heinz, Ipswich, 19-2.50; 3, Carson Gohl, Ipswich, 19-1.50; 4, Jackson Isakson, Aberdeen Christian, 18-9.25; 5, James Behan, Aberdeen Christian, 18-6.50; 6, Jackson Cogley, Groton, 17-6.75; 7, Abe Holscher, Aberdeen Christian, 17-2.75; 8, Caden Shelton, Aberdeen Roncalli, 17-0.50.

Triple Jump: 1, Abe Kretchman, Aberdeen Christian, 37-11.25; 2, Austin Meyers, Aberdeen Roncalli, 37-1; 3, Jacob Zak, Groton, 34-11.75; 4, Jackson Cogley, Groton, 34-11.25; 5, Noah Kippley, Frederick, 34-9.25; 6, Jackson Isakson, Aberdeen Christian, 34-8.25; 7, James Behan, Aberdeen Christian, 34-2.25.

Pole Vault: 1, Mason Carrels, Aberdeen Roncalli, 11-0.25; 2, Brody Davis, Ipswich, 8-6; 3, Clayton Horst, Ipswich, 6-11.75; 4, Isaac Price, Aberdeen Roncalli, 6-6.

640-Meter Relay: 1, Ipswich (Carson Gohl, Colby Sylte, Trevor Heinz, Ty Kadlec), 1:15.90; 2, Ipswich B (Trevor Beyers, Tyler Hettich, Carter Geditz, Kyle Hettich), 1:19.84; 3, Aberdeen Roncalli, 1:20.02; 4, Groton, 1:20.52; 5, Aberdeen Roncalli B, 1:25.06; 6, Ipswich C, 1:28.02; 7, Groton B, 1:28.50; 8, Frederick, 1:34.64.

Medley Relay: 1, Ipswich (Colby Sylte, Tyler Hettich, Trevor Beyers, Ian Beyers), 3:08.68; 2, Groton, 3:10.02; 3, Groton B, 3:19.58; 4, Aberdeen Christian, 3:19.91; 5, Aberdeen Roncalli, 3:25.72; 6, Frederick, 3:25.90; 7, Frederick B, 3:58.45.

1,600-Meter Relay: 1, Ipswich (Ty Kadlec, Turner Thorson, Trevor Beyers, Carson Gohl), 3:45.50; 2, Aberdeen Roncalli, 3:45.79; 3, Groton, 3:52.66; 4, Frederick, 3:54.09; 5, Redfield, 3:57.60; 6, Aberdeen Christian, 4:00.12; 7, Groton B, 4:09.55; 8, Aberdeen Roncalli B, 4:10.47.

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