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Athletes set personal records, school record at indoor meet

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Maddox May, center left and teammate Jayden Munroe, center right, cross the finish line ahead of the field in the boys 55 meter dash final Tuesday at the NSU Invitational indoor track meet at the Barnett Center. In the final from the left are: Braxton Saathoff, of Estelline/Hendricks, far left; Payton Volk, of Warner, Braedon Kinzler, of Edgeley/Kulm; May, Munroe, Zachary Wood, of Warner and Caden Ching, of Estelline/Hendricks. Photo by John Davis taken 3/22/2022

It was a memorable day for a number of athletes during the NSU Invitational Indoor Track and Field Meet Tuesday at the Barnett Center.

From personal bests to a new school record, both boys and girls looked to be in mid-season form in their opening meet of the spring campaign.

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Jayden Munroe won the 55-meter dash and the triple jump, and also ran a strong leg on a 1,600-meter relay squad that finished second.

Munroe’s distance in the triple jump was 41-feet 5-inches, the same distance he recorded when he took fourth in the event at the state meet last season. While his personal best is 41-11, he plans to top that this spring.

“I think I’ll do a lot better than that,” Munroe said. “I think I’ve got bigger stuff in the future.”

The junior wasn’t quite sure what to expect in the initial meet of the season.

“I was a little bit nervous coming into it,” Munroe said. “I haven’t done this in a little while, but once I got going and got rid of the butterflies, I was all good.”

It proved to be a big day for Sofia Losure of Frederick. The sophomore broke a school record dating back to 2006 by going 5-feet 2 and 1/4 inches in the high jump.

“I did not expect to do that well. I had been working out over the winter,” Losure said. “We do box jumps in workouts and I could jump a little bit higher as the months went on and I was like, ‘Hmm, I wonder if this is going to pay off a little bit’ and turns out it did.”

Losure said her best event is the hurdles, although she didn’t compete in those on Tuesday.

“I qualified for state last year in the hurdles. I was ranked ninth, I think,” Losure said. “And then high jump I just kind of shimmied in at the very end. I was tied for 24th with a whole bunch of girls.”

Aberdeen Central’s Isaac Ligon was also on top of his game, going a personal best 12-feet 6-inches to win the pole vault. Last year Ligon went 11-6 to finish ninth at the state meet.

“I wanted a PR personally,” Ligon said, “but the coaches just wanted me to clear heights and get back into a rhythm.”

Aberdeen Central’s Isaac Ligon goes over the bar in the pole vault event Tuesday at the NSU Invitational indoor track meet at the Barnett Center. Photo by John Davis taken 3/22/2022

The senior hopes to clear 14 feet this spring.

He said vaulting indoors provides consistent conditions.
“When you’re inside the wind really isn’t a factor and the temperatures are pretty much the same inside all the time,” Ligon said.

The longest race of the day provided one of the closest finishes.

Nicholas Schlachter of Potter County edged Anthony Miller of Central by less than three-tenths of a second to win the 1,600-meter run.

Schlachter led early before Miller went in front. However, Schlachter knew he had plenty left in the tank. The sophomore grabbed a late lead and then outsprinted Miller to the finish.

“I knew I had it. My legs weren’t dying. I had the breath in me and that kid was five meters in front of me and I knew I could catch him,” Schlachter said. “I knew I had it mentally.”

Schlachter, who was fifth at the Class B State Cross County Meet last fall, said he enjoys running longer distances the best. Interestingly, he said the mental part of distance running is more important than physical conditioning.

“I think it’s 80 percent mental and 20 percent physical,” Schlachter said.

While many athletes were involved in multiple events, one athlete pulled a unique double-double.

Roncalli’s Paige Schmidt won the 800-meter run and then had to be on the run for another committment.

“I have play practice after this, so I have to leave early,” Schmidt said.

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Paige Schmidt, center, runs ahead of the field in the first section of girls 800 meter run Tuesday at the NSU Invitational indoor track meet at the Barnett Center. Schmidt won the heat and had the event’s overall fastest time. Photo by John Davis taken 3/22/2022

The sophomore trailed early in her race before running past a pack of runners midway through the event on the way to her victory.

“I was just trying to find a way to get out and get in front without having to run a lot extra,” Schmidt said. “I was waiting for them to fizzle out and then I could go around.”

Other individual winners in the girls’ division included Central’s Kennedy Osborne in the 55-meter hurdles, Ciara Frank in the 200-meter dash, Eme Mounga in the 400-meter dash and Ashlyn Beyer in the pole vault, Morgan Sumption of Frederick in the 1,600-meter run, and Norah Moen of Warner in the triple jump.

Other individual winners on the boys’ side were Roncalli’s Maddox May in the 200-meter dash, Matthew Martinez in the 400-meter dash, Central’s Jack Soe in the long jump, and Frederick’s Johnathan Bretsch in the 800-meter run.

Kyra Marcuson, of Warner, leaps for the pit in the girls long jump event Tuesday at the NSU Invitational indoor track meet at the Barnett Center. Marcuson finished second in the event. Photo by John Davis taken 3/22/2022

While Roncalli was competing without many of its winter sport athletes, the Cavaliers still had a solid day.

“It’s just so good to watch our kids participate and compete. We just asked the same today as we would any other day. Just give us your best,” said Roncalli coach Mark Stone. “Then we’ve got a place to start. We’ve got a place to build from.”

Stone said that while the sport of track and field can often show measurable results and progress, success isn’t all about times and distances.

“One of the good things about track is it’s measurable. It can also be one of the frustrating things about track, because it doesn’t have to be the only measurement,” Stone said. “But you know when there’s a clock and tape measure we tend to put our apples in that basket, but there’s a lot of ways to measure good and there was a lot of good today.”

Participating teams: Aberdeen Central, Aberdeen Roncalli, Edgeley-Kulm, Estelline-Hendricks, Frederick, Potter County, Warner.


55-Meter Dash: 1, Jayden Munroe, Aberdeen Roncalli, :07.00; 2, Maddox May, Aberdeen Roncalli, :07.03; 3, Zachary Wood, Warner, :07.20; 4, Braedon Kinzler, Edgeley-Kulm, :07.39; 5, Caden Ching, Estelline-Hendricks, :07.46; 6, Payton Volk, Warner, :07.51; 7, Hayden Yost, Aberdeen Central, :07.56; 8, Braxton Saathoff, Estelline-Hendicks, :07.71.

200-Meter Dash: 1, Maddox May, Aberdeen Roncalli, :24.97; 2, Zachary Wood, Warner, :25.91; 3, Jack Soe, Aberdeen Central, :26.00; 4, Hunter Cramer, Warner, :26.44; 5, Braedon Kinzler, Edgeley-Kulm, :26.57; 6, Brody Weinmeister, Aberdeen Roncalli, :26.60; 7, Caden Shelton, Aberdeen Roncalli, :26.65; 8, (tie) Tyler Bain, Aberdeen Central, :27.03, and Caden Ching, Estelline-Hendricks, :27.03.

400-Meter Dash: 1, Matthew Martinez, Aberdeen Roncalli, :57.05; 2, Justus Kiecker, Edgeley-Kulm, :57.06; 3, Mason Hinz, Frederick, :59.00; 4, Brayden Sumption, Frederick, :59.29; 5, Grant Fritz, Aberdeen Central, :59.95; 6, Colby Dauwen, Aberdeen Central, 1:00.98; 7, Gavin Nickelson, Frederick, 1:01.12; 8, Kaden Larson, Aberdeen Roncalli, 1:02.58.

800-Meter Run: 1, Johnathan Bretsch, Frederick, 2:15.02; 2, Colby Dauwen, Aberdeen Central, 2:16.78; 3, Stephen Achen, Frederick, 2:18.52; 4, Anthony Miller, Aberdeen Central, 2:19.88; 5, Mattix Hausman, Estelline-Hendricks, 2:21.28; 6, Noah Kippley, Frederick, 2:21.41; 7, Nicholas Schlachter, Potter County, 2:22.60; 8, Jay Vega, Aberdeen Central, 2:25.52.

1,600-Meter Run: 1, Nicholas Schlachter, Potter County, 5:16.29; 2, Anthony Miller, Aberdeen Central, 5:16.51; 3, Dillon Browning, Warner, 5:19.10; 4, Winston Clark, Frederick, 5:22.07; 5, Garrett Griffin, Aberdeen Roncalli, 5:25.42; 6, Milo Sumption, Frederick, 5:29.28; 7, Gauge Smith, Aberdeen Central, 5:30.70; 8, Titus Kippley, Frederick, 5:48.50.

Shot Put: 1, Jon Nefzger, Estelline-Hendricks, 48-7.25; 2, Brady Rohrbach, Aberdeen Central, 41-10; 3, Brian Johnson, Aberdeen Central, 40-1.25; 4, Tayden Brownson, Aberdeen Central, 39-5.25; 5, Chanden Nieman, Aberdeen Central, 38-7.50; 6, Jacob Krenz, Aberdeen Central, 38-6.25; 7, Isaac Hoeft, Warner, 36-5.50; 8, (tie) Kyle Lewis, Aberdeen Central, 35-11.25, and Justus Kiecker, Edgeley-Kulm, 35-11.25.

High Jump: 1, Braxton Saathoff, Estelline-Hendricks, 5-6; 2, Tyler Bain, Aberdeen Central, 5-6; 3, Brayden Sumption, Frederick, 5-4.25; 4, Jett Carlson, Aberdeen Central, 5-4.25 5, Peyton Jung, Warner, 5-2.25; 6, Austin Meyers, Aberdeen Roncalli, 5-0.25.

Long Jump: 1, Jack Soe, Aberdeen Central, 18-0.25; 2, Caden Shelton, Aberdeen Roncalli, 17-9.5; 3, Braxton Saathoff, Estelline-Hendricks, 17-8.75; 4, Carter Blanchard, Aberdeen Central, 16-10.75; 5, Zach Ehnes, Aberdeen Central, 16-3.25; 6, Aiden Fisher, Aberdeen Roncalli, 16-2.25; 7, Ethan Axtell, Estelline-Hendricks, 15-5; 8, Noah Anderson, Aberdeen Central, 15-2.75.

Triple Jump: 1, Jayden Munroe, Aberdeen Roncalli, 41-5.25; 2, Austin Meyers, Aberdeen Roncalli, 37-7.75; 3, Peyton Jung, Warner, 34-8.50; 4, Brody Weinmeister, Aberdeen Roncalli, 33-3.25.

Pole Vault: 1, Isaac Ligon, Aberdeen Central, 12-6; 2, Gabe Johnson, Aberdeen Central, 11-11.75; 3, Parker Helwig, Aberdeen Central, 10-6; 4, Ethan Fergel, Aberdeen Central, 10-0; 5, Beau Price, Aberdeen Roncalli, 8-6; 6, (tie) Alex Pudwill, Warner, 8-0, and Noah Kramer, Aberdeen Roncalli, 8-0; 8, Kam Hauck, Estelline-Hendricks, 7-4.25.

1,600-Meter Relay: 1, Frederick (Mason Hinz, Johnathan Bretsch, Stephen Achen, Brayden Sumption), 3:49.04; 2, Aberdeen Roncalli, 3:51.96; 3, Aberdeen Central, 4:05.55; 4, Warner, 4:06.02; 5, Frederick B, 4:14.80; 6, Aberdeen Roncalli B, 4:15.22; 7, Aberdeen Roncalli C, 4:27.29.


55-Meter Hurdles: 1, Kennedy Osborne, Aberdeen Central, :11.24; 2, Tiahna Wald, Edgeley-Kulm, :11.68.

55-Meter Dash: 1, Jaelyn Bertsch, Edgeley-Kulm, :07.93; 2, Tiahna Wald, Edgeley-Kulm, :08.16; 3, Anicka Boruvka, Edgeley-Kulm, :08.24; 4, Elli Lloyd, Edgeley-Kulm, :08.34; 5, Jaidyn Feickert, Aberdeen Roncalli, :08.36; 6, Emma Pierce, Estelline-Hendricks, :08.42; 7, Libby Mattern, Edgeley-Kulm, :08.53; 8, Chloe Akin, Frederick, :08.61.

200-Meter Dash: 1, Ciara Frank, Aberdeen Central, :29.73; 2, Emma Pierce, Estelline-Hendricks, :30.64; 3, Tiahna Wald, Edgeley-Kulm, :30.78; 4, (tie) Sofia Losure, Frederick, :30.83, and Kyra Marcuson, Warner, :30.83; 6, Anicka Boruvka, Edgeley-Kulm, :31.03; 7, Betsy Huber, Edgeley-Kulm, :32.07; 8, Claire Dagel, Estelline-Hendricks, :32.10.

400-Meter Dash: 1, Eme Mounga, Aberdeen Central, 1:07.25; 2, Morgan Sumption, Frederick, 1:08.13; 3, Ella Ulmer, Aberdeen Roncalli, 1:09.38; 4, Kyleigh Schopp, Warner, 1:11.32; 5, Evelyn Trefz, Aberdeen Central, 1:11.77; 6, Jaelyn Bertsch, Edgeley-Kulm, 1:13.48; 7, Libby Mattern, Edgeley-Kulm, 1:13.64; 8, Jaidyn Feickert, Aberdeen Roncalli, 1:13.75.

800-Meter Run: 1, Paige Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 2:40.77; 2, Emma Schlachter, Potter County, 2:41.81; 3, Laura Sumption, Frederick, 2:44.97; 4, Dannika Kaup, Potter County, 2:47.06; 5, Jadyn Ahlemeier, Potter County, 2:47.24; 6, Sarah Schmidt, Aberdeen Roncalli, 2:47.29; 7, Rayel Persoon, Potter County, 2:48.12; 8, Sofia Losure, Frederick, 2:51.23.

1,600-Meter Run: 1, Morgan Sumption, Frederick, 6:04.17; 2, Kiana Joerger, Aberdeen Central, 6:05.31; 3, Laura Sumption, Frederick, 6:15.78; 4, Peyton Stevens, Potter County, 6:19.99; 5, Addisyn Heinrich, Warner, 6:34.78; 6, Aurelia Steiger, Aberdeen Central, 6:51.15; 7, Agaia Ramey, Aberdeen Central, 6:52.46; 8, Jordan Phillips, Aberdeen Central, 6:55.88.

Shot Put: 1, Danielle Hawley, Estelline-Hendricks, 36-9.75; 2, Taryn Hermansen, Aberdeen Central, 35-7.25; 3, Abby Berry, Aberdeen Central, 32-4.75; 4, Emily Kinzler, Edgeley-Kulm, 31-10; 5, Kianna Mounga, Aberdeen Central, 30-7; 6, Sophia Madsen, Aberdeen Roncalli, 30-5.75; 7, Grace Kuch, Aberdeen Central, 30-2.25; 8, Katelin Stoebner, Aberdeen Central, 29-2.50.

High Jump: 1, Sofia Losure, Frederick, 5-2.25; 2, Ciara Frank, Aberdeen Central, 5-0.50; 3, Sophia Hoeft, Warner, 4-8.25; 4, Kyra Marcuson, Warner, 4-8.25; 5, Maddi Struble, Aberdeen Central, 4-8.25; 6, Lauren Marcuson, Warner, 4-6; 7, Karly Wellman, Aberdeen Central, 4-6; 8, Kaelyn Schutter, Aberdeen Central, 4-2.

Long Jump: 1, Sadie Johnson, Estelline-Hendricks 15-6.25; 2, Kyra Marcuson, Warner, 14-5.75; 3, Chloe Arneson, Frederick, 14-0.25; 4, Lauren Marcuson, Warner, 13-8.25; 5, Maddie Struble, Aberdeen Central, 13-7; 6, Sophia Hoeft, Warner, 12-11.50; 7, Ella Post, Aberdeen Central, 12-10.75; 8, Genesis Dosch, Aberdeen Roncalli, 11-10.25.

Triple Jump: 1, Norah Moen, Warner, 26-8.25; 2, Aiden Rapp, Warner, 25-6.25; 3, Sadie Brunes, Warner, 24-5.75; 4, Genesis Dosch, Aberdeen Roncalli, 23-11.75; 5, Alexis Woosley, Warner, 23-11.

Pole Vault: 1, Ashlyn Beyer, Aberdeen Central, 8-8.75; 2, (tie) Kiana Joerger, Aberdeen Central, 8-0, Kaylin Warrey, Aberdeen Central, 8-0, Madi Weig, Aberdeen Central, 8-0, and Breckan Santjer, Aberdeen Central, 8-0; 6, Sadie Johnson, Estelline-Hendricks, 7-4.50; 7, Lillian Jensen, Aberdeen Roncalli, 7-0.25.

1,600-Meter Relay: 1, (tie) Potter County (Rayel Persoon, Jadyn Ahlemeier, Emma Schlachter, Dannika Kaup), 4:41.21, and Warner (Morgan Haselhorst, Addisyn Heinrich, Abigail Dunlavy, MaKenna Leidholt), 4:41.21; 3, Warner B, 4:50.51; 4, Aberdeen Central, 4:54.35; 5, Aberdeen Roncalli, 4:55.53; 6, Aberdeen Central, 5:05.65.

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