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Wrestling Roundup

Canton 68, Faulkton 9

106: Zach Bartels (CANT) over (FAAR) (For.); 113: Slayton Swenson (CANT) over (FAAR) (For.); 120: Philip Holsing (FAAR) over Chase Adam (CANT) (Dec 8-2); 126: Taysn Ockenga (CANT) over Carter Schulte (FAAR) (Dec 9-5);

132: Parker Geditz (FAAR) over (CANT) (For.); 138: Andy Meyer (CANT) over Caden Wilson (FAAR) (Fall 2:14); 145: Aidan Kranz (CANT) over Garrett Cramer (FAAR) (Fall 0:43); 152: Luke Richardson (CANT) over Timmy McGaugh (FAAR) (Fall 2:50); 160: John Halverson (CANT) over Lincoln Dikoff (FAAR) (Fall 2:33);

170: Beau Williams (CANT) over (FAAR) (For.); 182: Josh Merkle (CANT) over (FAAR) (For.); 195: Canaan McCracken (CANT) over (FAAR) (For.); 220: Tanner Meyers (CANT) over Carson Leonhardt (FAAR) (TF 25-10 2:57); 285: Isaac Suter (CANT) over Parker Bode (FAAR) (Fall 1:39).

Faulkton 39, Marion/Freeman/Freeman Academy/Canistota/Menno 24

132: Parker Geditz (FAAR) over Riley Tschetter (FREE) (Fall 0:37); 138: Caden Wilson (FAAR) over (FREE) (For.); 145: Garrett Cramer (FAAR) over (FREE) (For.); 152: Owen Eitenmiller (FREE) over (FAAR) (For.);

160: Lincoln Dikoff (FAAR) over Tim Epp (FREE) (Fall 0:59); 170: Double Forfeit; 182: Double Forfeit; 195: Double Forfeit; 220: Carson Leonhardt (FAAR) over (FREE) (For.);

285: Parker Bode (FAAR) over (FREE) (For.); 106: Brody Gossen (FREE) over (FAAR) (For.); 113: Josh Popkes (FREE) over (FAAR) (For.); 120: Keaton Prehiem (FREE) over Carter Schulte (FAAR) (Fall 0:27); 126: Philip Holsing (FAAR) over Finley McConniel (FREE) (Dec 5-1)

Sisseton 36, Faulkton 27

120: Holden Hawkins (SISS) over Carter Schulte (FAAR) (Fall 2:23); 126: Reed Gray (SISS) over Philip Holsing (FAAR) (Dec 4-3); 132: Parker Geditz (FAAR) over Quincy Harris (SISS) (Fall 1:22); 138: Boe Iverson (SISS) over Caden Wilson (FAAR) (MD 12-0);

145: Garrett Cramer (FAAR) over (SISS) (For.); 152: Josh Long (SISS) over Timmy McGaugh (FAAR) (TF 22-5 5:17); 160: Lincoln Dikoff (FAAR) over Julius Cloud (SISS) (Fall 1:06); 170: Double Forfeit; 182: Mason Shultz (SISS) over (FAAR) (For.);

195: Mason Gray (SISS) over (FAAR) (For.); 220: Carson Leonhardt (FAAR) over (SISS) (For.); 285: Parker Bode (FAAR) over Ethan Skarnagel (SISS) (Dec 4-0); 106: Blake Steiner (SISS) over (FAAR) (For.); 113: Double Forfeit.

Faulkton 48, Viborg-Hurley 18

126: Philip Holsing (FAAR) over Gage Skjonsberg (VH) (Fall 3:36); 132: Parker Geditz (FAAR) over (VH) (For.); 138: Caden Wilson (FAAR) over (VH) (For.); 145: Garrett Cramer (FAAR) over Jett Kuchta (VH) (Fall 2:58);

152: Wyatt Huber (VH) over Timmy McGaugh (FAAR) (Fall 1:28); 160: Lincoln Dikoff (FAAR) over (VH) (For.); 170: Jaksen Olson (VH) over (FAAR) (For.); 182: Trevor Ryan (VH) over (FAAR) (For.); 195: Double Forfeit;

220: Carson Leonhardt (FAAR) over (VH) (For.); 285: Parker Bode (FAAR) over Simeon Thompson (VH) (Fall 0:39); 106: Double Forfeit; 113: Double Forfeit; 120: Carter Schulte (FAAR) over (VH) (For.).

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