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Central just misses qualifying team for state meet

Aberdeen Central’s Masyn Schutter performs her floor exercise routine during a dual with Jamestown earlier this season. Schutter led the Eagles in the floor at the region and conference meet in Mitchell on Saturday. Photo by John Davis taken 12/2/2021

MITCHELL – It was close, like they expected it to be, but the Aberdeen Central Golden Eagles came up just short of qualifying their team for next week’s State Gymnastics Meet.

Central finished sixth with 135.000 points at the Region 2AA/Eastern South Dakota Conference Meet at the Corn Place on Saturday. However, it was not quite enough to beat the score of Sioux Falls Roosevelt.

“We knew going into this state qualifying meet where we could potentially fall with scores and that it would come down to tenths of a point,” said Central coach Mickey Everson. “We told the girls that their hard work would show today and to just go out and do what they knew they could do. and have fun with it.”

The Eagles did that, but it still wasn’t quite enough.

“They performed their hearts out and did exactly what we asked of them,” Everson said. “And unfortunately it came down to .175. Sioux Falls Roosevelt had one less step or one less bent leg than we did.”

Central was led by Maggie Fites who was 13th in all-around. She led the squad on vault, bars and beam. Masyn Schutter finished 18th in all-around and had the team’s best score on floor.

Everson reflected on the past season and what her members accomplished.

“We are still proud of all that these girls accomplished this year and the great teammates they were to each other, and the camaraderie they showed with other teams,” Everson said.

Central will still have a strong presence during the individual portion of the state meet this coming weekend.

“We have pre-qualified three girls, Ashlyn Beyer, Masyn Schutter and Maggie Fites. These three captains will still get to compete in the individual state competition on Saturday,” Everson said. “They have earned it.”

Team Points: Mitchell 150.475, Harrisburg 146.975, Watertown 142.825, Brookings 138.100, Yankton 138.075, Aberdeen Central 135.000, Pierre 133.775, Huron 124.350.

Vault: 1, Myah Morris, Watertown, 9.825; 2, (tie) Katelyn Maeschen, Harrisburg, 9.450, and Emily Moody, Mitchell, 9.450; 4, (tie) Layla Erickson, Brookings, 9.175, Izzabella Driscoll, Harrisburg, 9.175, and Joslin Sommerville, Mitchell, 9.175.

Aberdeen Central results: 15, Maggie Fites, 8.800; 17, (tie) Ashlyn Beyer, 8.775; 27, (tie) Johanna Jarrott, 8.550; 30, (tie) Masyn Schutter, 8.500; 45, (tie) Morgan Naasz, 7.725; 48, Elliot Ermer, 7.350.

Bars: 1, Bentley Bates, Mitchell, 9.700; 2, Myah Morris, Watertown, 9.325; 3, Kyra Gropper, Mitchell, 9.200; 4, (tie) Izzabella Driscoll, Harrisburg, 9.175, and Olivia Prunty, Mitchell, 9.125.

Aberdeen Central results: 12, (tie) Maggie Fites, 8.650; 23, Masyn Schutter, 8.175; 33, Ashlyn Beyer, 7.750; 37, Izzy Loecker, 7.350; 38, Kalli Rowden, 7.325; 41, Johanna Jarrott, 7.175.

Beam: 1, Kyra Gropper, Mitchell, 9.675; 2, Joslin Sommerville, Mitchell, 9.525; 3, (tie) Izzabella Driscoll, Harrisburg, 9.450, Bentley Bates, Mitchell, 9.450, and Myah Morris, Watertown, 9.450.

Aberdeen Central results: 13, Maggie Fites, 8.925; 19, Ashlyn Beyer, 8.300; 24, (tie) Masyn Schutter 8.175; 35, (tie) Johanna Jarrott, 7.725 and Regan Lust, 7.725; 41, (tie) Alexis Bomesberger, 7.250.

Floor: 1, Joslin Sommerville, Mitchell, 9.725; 2, Myah Morris, Watertown, 9.700; 3, Meredith Hruby, Harrisburg, 9.650; 4, Bentley Bates, Mitchell, 9.625; 5, Olivia Prunty, Mitchell, 9.575.

Aberdeen Central results: 21, Masyn Schutter, 9.050; 24, (tie) Ashlyn Beyer, 8.950; 30, Maggie Fites, 8.850; 40, Regan Lust, 8.475; 45, Elliot Ermer, 8.175; 47, Johanna Jarrott, 7.650.

All-Around: 1, Myah Morris, Watertown, 38.3; 2, Bentley Bates, Mitchell, 37.775; 3, Joslin Sommerville, Mitchell, 37.55; 4, Izzabella Driscoll, Harrisburg, 37.3; 5, Olivia Prunty, Mitchell, 37.275.

Aberdeen Central results: 13, Maggie Fites, 35.225; 18, Masyn Schutter, 33.9; 19, Ashlyn Beyer, 33.775; 25, Johanna Jarrott, 31.1; 37, Elliot Ermer, 15.525.

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