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Fites wins all-around in season opener for Golden Eagles

Aberdeen Central’s Maggie Fites, left, is congratulated by her coach Mickey Everson, right, after Fites completed her routine on the bars during Thursday’s gymnastics dual with Jamestown. Fites won the event and also took all-around honors. Photo by John Davis taken 12/2/2021

Maggie Fites got off to a ‘swinging’ start in Aberdeen Central’s gymnastic season opener Thursday night.

The sophomore, on the strength of a first-place finish on the bars, captured all-around honors for the Golden Eagles in a dual with Jamestown, N.D., at the Central Auxiliary Gym. Jamestown won the dual 138.450 to 131.050.

Fites recorded a score of 9.20 to claim first on the bars.

“Just swinging, just like a kid on the monkey bars,” Fites said of her routine. “Just coming into practice every day and working all the little details I can, just like every other event.”

Central coach Mickey Everson was not surprised by Fites’ effort on the bars.

“I knew Maggie was capable of doing that bar routine that she did today,” Everson said. “Sometimes she has a little struggle every once in a while in practice, but today it came together for her.”

Fites was also third on the beam and fourth in the floor.

She said she enjoys the bars and floor about the same.

“I would say floor is kind of my favorite to perform, just because you can kind of let loose and enjoy dancing to the music,” Fites said, “but they’re pretty close.”

Fites said she doesn’t get too caught up in where she places in meets.

“It definitely is a good way to start the season,” she said of her all-around title. “It felt pretty good, but for me it’s just looking at my performance more than where I place.”

Central’s Ashlyn Beyer was fourth in all-around after tying for third in vault and taking third in the floor.

Aberdeen Central’s Masyn Schutter performs her floor exercise routine during Thursday’s gymnastics dual with Jamestown. Photo by John Davis taken 12/2/2021

Everson was pleased with her team’s opening performance, despite leaving a few points out there,

“We were happy. We weren’t sure where we were going to stand with numbers today,” Everson said. “Jamestown had just a little bit higher levels, but we can get there as well. We had a few mistakes that I think we can bring it up, so there’s potential there.”

Central will host the Hub City Invitational on Saturday, Dec. 11 at Golden Eagles Arena.

Everson is hoping to build upon Thursday’s season-opening performance.

“I think it was great. I’m very pleased with how they did,” Everson said. “I’m very proud of them and it shows where we can go from here.”

Team Points: Jamestown 138.450, Aberdeen Central 131.050.

Vault: 1, Julie Skari, J, 9.20; 2, Haley Nelson, J, 9.10; 3, (tie) Emma Hillerud, J, 9.0, and Ashlyn Beyer, AC, 9.00; 5, Masyn Schutter, AC, 8.80.

Bars: 1, Maggie Fites, AC, 9.20; 2, Julia Skari, J, 8.20; 3, Emma Hillerud, J, 8.10; 4, Blair Arbuckle, J, 7.90; 5, Brenna Hatch, J, 7.70.

Beam: 1, Emma Hillerud, J, 9.05; 2, Haley Nelson, J, 8.95; 3, Maggie Fites, AC, 8.45; 4, Blair Arbuckle, J, 8.20; 5, Jasmine Houmann J, 8.00.

Floor: 1, Haley Nelson, J, 9.60; 2, Julia Skari, J, 9.35; 3, Ashlyn Beyer, AC, 9.30; 4, Maggie Fites, AC, 9.25; 5, Emma Hillerud, J, 8.80.

All-Around: 1, Maggie Fites, AC, 35.60; 2, Haley Nelson, J, 35.10; 3, Emma Hillerud, J, 34.95; 4, Ashlyn Beyer, AC, 33.80; 5, Julia Skari, J, 33.45.

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