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Central splits wrestling duals

Aberdeen Central wrestling coach Donnie Bowden, center, gives some instructions at the 2021 Lee Wolf Invitational at the Golden Eagles Arena. Central split a pair of duals in Sturgis on Thursday night and will compete in a 47-team tourney in Rapid City today and tomorrow. Photo by John Davis taken 1/30/2021

STURGIS – Aberdeen Central got its busy weekend of wrestling started by splitting a pair of duals on Thursday night. The Golden Eagles rolled past Rapid City Central 53-21 before falling to Sturgis 66-9.

“Tonight was the tail of two duals. We come out firing on all cylinders in the first one and the second one it’s the complete opposite,” said Central coach Donnie Bowden. “We let our emotions get away from us. I think a lot of that we beat ourselves. We just got into a hole and couldn’t get out.”

The Eagles started off the evening on the right foot by defeating Rapid City Central.

Bowden said the wrestlers were focused and ready to go following a six-hour bus ride.

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“We wrestled extremely well. Even when we lost we still competed really hard and gave a lot of effort,” Bowden said. “We came off the bus fine. It’s tough on high school kids, not only physically, but mentally, waiting all day to make weight.”

Central then had a difficult time against Sturgis.

There were two Eagles who won both of their matches on the day.

Rayden Zens improved to 6-0 on the season at 120 pounds.

“He’s a little hammer. He just goes out there and chisels away,” Bowden said. “Even if it’s not going to work, he finds a way to make it. He’s just a very determined individual.”

Jacob Krenz also won both of his matches at heavyweight.

“He’s only getting better every time out. This is his first year doing it” Bowden said. “It was good to see him just go out there and take things into his own hands and force his will on people.”

Katrina Gibson won a pair of matches for the Central girls. Bowden said most of the girls are still getting accustomed to the sport.

“They’re improving each time out, too. This is brand new to them,” Bowden said. “We have very few that actually have any kind of experience with it.”

The Eagles will have a full two days of wrestling with the Rapid City Invitational today and tomorrow. It is a 47-team tourney with squads from four states.

Sturgis 66, Aberdeen Central 9

106: Teryn Zebroski (STBR) over Ridley Waldo (ABCE) (Fall 4:50); 113: Tegan Zebroski (STBR) over Tate Huff (ABCE) (Fall 4:17); 120: Rayden Zens (ABCE) over Dee Daniels (STBR) (Dec 6-0); 126: Kaden Olson (STBR) over Jacob Bellefeuille (ABCE) (MD 12-3);

132: Kelton Olson (STBR) over Mason Schrempp (ABCE) (TF 15-0 5:20); 138: Maverick Simons (STBR) over Brock Martin (ABCE) (Dec 4-2); 145: Perry Ketelsen (STBR) over Elias Biegler (ABCE) (Fall 2:40); 152: Braden Temple (STBR) over Cordell Rychlik (ABCE) (Fall 3:56); 160: Preston Ray (STBR) over Dylan Schaunaman (ABCE) (Fall 4:17);

170: Reese Jacobs (STBR) over Ayden Gisi (ABCE) (Fall 3:29); 182: Paul Pulling (STBR) over Ryker Meister (ABCE) (Fall 2:46); 195: Aiden Werlinger (STBR) over Bryce Beitelspacher (ABCE) (Fall 4:09); 220: Zak Juelfs (STBR) over Samson Flakus (ABCE) (Fall 2:11); 285: Jacob Krenz (ABCE) over Dakarai Osborne (STBR) (Fall 2:05).

Aberdeen Central 53, Rapid City Central 21

106: Ryan Tschetter (RCC) over Ridley Waldo (ABCE) (Dec 5-0); 113: Tate  Huff (ABCE) over (RCC) (For.); 120: Rayden Zens (ABCE) over Dalton Rostad (RCC) (Fall 0:47); 126: Logan Brown (RCC) over Jacob Bellefeuille (ABCE) (Fall 5:37);

132: Mason Schrempp (ABCE) over Jacoby Parker (RCC) (Fall 1:33); 138: Brock Martin (ABCE) over Blake Broderick (RCC) (TF 20-5 5:03); 145: Ian Hook (RCC) over Elias Biegler (ABCE) (Dec 6-4); 152: Cordell Rychlik (ABCE) over Harold Ogbozor (RCC) (Fall 1:34); 160: Landin Winter (RCC) over Dylan  Schaunaman (ABCE) (Dec 5-2);

170: Graydon Bakke (RCC) over Ayden Gisi (ABCE) (Fall 3:42); 182: Ryker Meister (ABCE) over Brody Knapp (RCC) (Fall 3:52); 195: Bryce Beitelspacher (ABCE) over Jaxon Morrison (RCC) (Fall 1:47); 220: Samson Flakus (ABCE) over Tim Lipp (RCC) (Fall 2:26); 285: Jacob Krenz (ABCE) over Gabe Reeve (RCC) (Fall 3:24).

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