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SportScene reaches seven months

We have reached the seventh-month stage in the first season of SD SportScene.

While the site continues to be a work in progress, it has been a fantastic beginning covering a variety of sports in a variety of locations. Thank you to all who have subscribed and those who have sponsored. The list of both continues to grow on a regular basis and we couldn’t do it without you.

We appreciate all of our subscribers and ask that you please refrain from sharing subscriptions with others to help ensure the future sustainability of the site.

As we head into the next five months, there are challenges that lie ahead. This is still a relatively new site and we are working to bring area coaches up to speed with reporting their results.

We are doing our best to get to as many events as we can. Last week there were five games in town one evening. We will try to make sure that we have a significant presence for as many teams as possible.

As stated when we first launched SD SportScene, we will make covering high school teams a top priority. That said, we will not ignore Northern, Presentation or the Aberdeen Wings. There is a link to their websites right off our home page. When they have a major event, chances are we will be there. There has been and will continue to be a variety of feature stories and photo galleries from their events.

In case you are new to the site, there are some features that may be of interest. For instance you can look for any player or team in the search location and all of the items pertaining to the search will show up. Also, area box scores can be found in two locations: in the roundup section and also individually across the top of the screen.

If you are using the website off your phone, turn your phone side ways and you will notice a bar on the top of the page which will feature the latest scores for football and volleyball (and basketball in the winter).

The site now also features a much easier way to purchase the fantastic photography of John Davis.

In the past seven months, we have conducted interviews with hundreds of area athletes and coaches, in addition to posting thousands of photos. We trust that you are enjoying the coverage and if you like what you see, please be sure to tell your friends. We will continue to give you our best effort as we attempt to shine the spotlight on area athletes and teams.

Thank you for being a part of SD SportScene. Without you, we would not exist. We appreciate your subscriptions and encourage you to think of the site when it comes to gifts for family, friends and neighbors. Thank you for your overwhelming support. We look forward to providing you with the best local sports coverage in the area.

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