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Cavaliers lose to Stevens, defeat Rapid City Central

Aberdeen Roncalli’s Katherine Kretchman watches the ball after returning a volley during a singles match Friday against Rapid City Stevens at the Northern State University tennis courts. Kretchman scored a singles win against Rapid City Central on the day. Photo by John Davis taken 9/17/2021

Aberdeen Roncalli was blanked by Rapid City Stevens, but bounced back to defeat Rapid City Central 6-3 in tennis action at the Northern State Courts on Friday.

While the Cavaliers did not win a match against unbeaten Stevens, Roncalli coach Hallie Rohrbach pointed out the play of Hallie Haskell at top flight singles.

“I was very proud of Hallie’s match and performance vs. Rapid City Stevens. It wasn’t the outcome we were hoping for, but I feel it’s notable how intense of a battle it was with a considerable amount of games ending in deuce,” Rohrbach said of the 10-6 setback. “All things considered she put up a strong fight against a well-respected and accomplished AA school’s number one and definitely made her earn that match, many of those games off deuce points.”

Haskell and Maria Barnett also had a solid showing at flight one doubles against Stevens, falling 10-5.

Meanwhile, Hallie Haskell, Barnett, River Haskell and Katherine Kretchman all picked up singles wins against Rapid City Central. Hallie Haskell and Barnett, and River and Raley Haskell also teamed up for doubles wins.

“We did a great job against Rapid City Central today,” Rohrbach said. “We won 6-3, an improvement on the 5-4 win (over Central) last week in Pierre. All of our girls worked hard in their matches and it was fun to see them pull out another team win.”

The Cavaliers compete in the Elliott Extravaganza today where they will face Aberdeen Central around 4 p.m.

Rapid City Stevens 9, Aberdeen Roncalli 0


Ali Scott, RCS, def. Hallie Haskell, 10-6.

Peyton Ogle, RCS, def. Maria Barnett, 10-0.

Anna Mueller, RCS, River Haskell, 10-0.

Abby Sherrill, RCS, def. Raley Haskell, 10-0.

Emma Thurness, RCS, def. Katherine Kretchman, 10-0.

Evelyn Haar, RCS, def. Keira Rivett, 10-0.


Scott-Ogle, RCS, def. H. Haskell-Barnett, 10-5.

Sherrill-Thurness, RCS, def. R. Haskell-R. Haskell, 10-0.

Kaiya Parkin-Mueller, RCS, def. Kretchman-Rivett, 10-0.

Aberdeen Roncalli 6, Rapid City Central 3


Hallie Haskell, AR, def. Harper Kiem, 10-4.

Maria Barnett, AR, def. Arianna Doty, 10-2.

River Haskell, AR, def. Kiana Johnson, 10-2.

Ester Piniero, RCC, def. Raley Haskell, 10-6.

Katherine Kretchman, AR, def. Tyra Saterfield, 10-2.

Abby McNabee, RCC, def. Keira Rivett, 10-4.


H. Haskell-Barnett, AR, def. Kiem-Piniero, 10-4.

R. Haskell-R. Haskell, AR, def. Doty-McNabee, 10-4.

Johnson-Saterfield, RCC, def. Kretchman-Rivett, 10-8.


Aberdeen Roncalli winners: (Singles) Izzy Helm.

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