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Family Reunions

Attending state high school events like the State Track Meet held recently in Spearfish, Sturgis and Rapid City, I was reminded of why it is I love photographing sports.

The festivities are much like a family reunion where I get to see and catch up with coaches, officials and media members I have known and worked with for decades. It is always a spirit lifting experience.

Which explains why I bought my own camera gear after I left the newspaper business in order to go to work freelancing.

The other thing I enjoy about state events is that it not only brings out the best in the athletes I cover, it brings out the creative side in me. An example is the image above from the boys AA triple jump in Sturgis.

I know I get bored viewing events from the same angle all the time and I am sure most readers do as well. Which is why I try to have my head on a swivel and keep my eye out for new and interesting ways to look at things. 

When I noticed the sun getting lower in the beautiful wide open sky of the Black Hills, I thought it might be interesting to try and capture the crowd looking on as the athletes leaped for the sand pit. With the help of the flag in the breeze and a multitude of silhouettes, I like to think the image conveys the atmosphere of what the meet is like not just evidence that I was there.

The spring sports season is over now and while the coverage calendar is a little less crowded, I hope to stay busy with the boys of summer as well as other projects. 

It is also time to head south for the chance to spoil my granddaughter who I have only seen on FaceTime for the past year. I am very much looking forward to that family reunion.

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