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Ipswich golfers sweep medalist honors at LRC tourney

Ipswich’s Luke Peterson watches his tee shot on the second hole at Rolling Hills Golf Course during the Lake Region Conference tournament Thursday. Peterson defended his LRC title, winning by three strokes. Photo by John Davis taken 5/6/2021

A pair of Ipswich golfers walked away with medalist honors during the Lake Region Conference golf tournament at Rolling Hills Golf Course on Thursday.

Luke Peterson defended his LRC title in the boys’ division, while Halie Feldman won her first conference crown.

Faulkton won the girls’ team title with Ipswich second. Ipswich edged Faulkton by two strokes to win the boys’ team championship.

Peterson said consistency was a key for him on the day.

“I think just staying focused and hitting consistent shots,” Peterson said.

The junior edged Faulkton’s Bennett Cassens and Aberdeen Christian’s Jett Becker by three strokes. Peterson said he was kind of watching to see what his competition was doing throughout the round.

“I’m going to be honest, I did do that. Me and Bennett we’ve golfed in a lot of tournaments this year,” Peterson said. “We’ve gone back and forth. I think we’re tied up 2-2 right now. It’s a friendly competition between us. I’ve seen Jett a few times. I do kind of keep an eye out.”

Feldman said sometimes she stops to figure out her score between nines, but most of time just tries to enjoy the game.

“After my first nine, I’ll add it up and be like I have to get this on the next hole otherwise it’s going to be terrible,” she said. “But sometimes I’ll not let it get in my head. I have fun with it. I do better that way.”

Feldman said it helps to have someone like Peterson around for motivation.

“After practice we will stay after and putt and chip,” Feldman said. “We’ll golf together and kind of challenge each other a little bit.”

Aberdeen Christian finished third in the boys’ team points led by Jett Becker and Zeke Becker who had a 90.

“I thought they had pretty solid rounds,” said Knights coach David Rohrbach. “Obviously, our conference has some really good golfers at the top. Very top heavy conference with some of your better golfers in the state. It’s kind of fun watching that top group.”

While the Knights did not have to travel for the meet, Rohrbach said it was still a bit of a foreign course for his players.

“We hardly ever get out here. First time for these guys, which is good,” Rohrbach said. “You’re home, but at the same time you have to be able to adapt to a course you’re not all that familiar with, so I think it’s good preparation as we go.”


Team points: Faulkton 301, Ipswich 346, Leola 460. Incomplete: Frederick, Langford Area.

Individual results

1, Halie Feldman, Ipswich, 96; 2, Sydney Campbell, Faulkton, 99; 3, Taylor Machtemes, Faulkton, 101; 4, Gabby Kast, Faulkton, 101; 5, Trisha Cramer, Faulkton, 108; 6, Tarynn Kleffman, Ipswich, 123; 7, Ashton Loken, Ipswich, 127; 8, Klassandra Sattler, Langford Area, 131; 9, Emily Hattlewick, Leola, 146; 10, Madison Dettler, Frederick, 153; 11, Alyx Hoffman, Leola, 156; 12, Robin Butler, Leola, 158.


Team points: Ipswich 255, Faulkton 257, Aberdeen Christian 294, Leola 323, Frederick 394.

Individual results

1, Luke Peterson, Ipswich, 74; 2, Bennett Cassens, Faulkton, 77; 3, Jett Becker, Aberdeen Christian, 77; 4, Parker Geditz, Faulkton, 83; 5, Chet Peterson, Ipswich, 89; 6, Zeke Becker, Aberdeen Christian, 90; 7, Matthew Janeisch, Ipswich, 92; 8, Mason Waltman, Leola, 96; 9, Gus Kopecky, Faulkton, 97; 10, Drake Mueller, Faulkton, 99;

11, Jace Konsor, Ipswich, 100; 12, Miles Hoffman, Leola, 104 13, Mason Hinz, Frederick, 118; 14, Peyteon Gross, Leola, 123; 15, McKinley Kosters, Frederick, 127; 16, Micah Leslie, Aberdeen Christian, 127; 17, Darin McGaugh, Frederick, 151.

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