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Heath wins Roncalli Invitational

Sisseton’s Kelsey Heath watches her putt on the 10th green at Lee Park Golf Course during the Roncalli Invitational Thursday. Heath was the medalist with a 78. Photo by John Davis taken 5/6/2021

Sisseton’s Kelsey Heath overcame a shaky start to win medalist honors during the Roncalli Invitational girls’ golf tournament at Lee Park Golf Course on Thursday.

The senior put together rounds of 39 on both nines to finish with a total of 78.

“It started off a little weird with the two bogeys, but then I just told myself to not worry so much about the score. I’m just going to play my game and see how it goes,” Heath said. “And then it started getting more consistent, got a couple of birdies and then I think that helped me out a lot. I just didn’t let it get in my head.”

The veteran of past state tournaments has learned to let bad holes go and focus on the next one.

“Because I’ve had so much experience, I tell myself that I can’t go back and change those scores,” Heath said. “All I can do is go and play the game I can and whatever happens, happens. I just have to let myself play.”

The last time Heath played Lee Park was in the state tournament two years ago when she finished third.

Heath is already thinking about her final state tourney next month.

“I’m very nervous about state, but I think I’m just going to keep trying to play my game and I’m going to try to stay consistent,” Heath said. “At state I just have to really calm myself down and tell myself that I all have to do is play golf. I don’t have to shoot a certain score, I just have to play the best I can that day.”

Callie Weisbeck of Mobridge-Pollock was second with an 85 and Carly Guthmiller of Groton third with an 89.

Aberdeen Roncalli seventh-grader Claire Crawford was fourth with a 102, while eighth-grade teammate Margaret Anderson was sixth with a 104.

“I’m pretty happy with that. Those two girls are pretty steady, even-keeled. I’m very proud of them,” said Roncalli coach Kerry Brandenburger. “I’m proud of all my girls, because 18 holes at Lee Park is tough.”

Brandenburger noted that a lot teams in the Northeast Conference feature young players this spring.

“I think all of us Northeast Conference teams are young. We’re just learning to get around a golf course,” she said. “Lee Park is a big golf course. It’s a difficult golf course. The back nine is difficult, so whenever you can get through it that’s a big day, especially for some of those younger ones that haven’t played 18 holes very often.”

Roncalli is at a tourney in Groton on Monday and at another tournament at Milbank on Thursday.

Team Points: Mobridge-Pollock 427, Redfield 479, Aberdeen Roncalli 480, Milbank Area 550. Incomplete: Groton and Sisseton.

Individual results

1, Kelsey Heath, Sisseton, 78; 2, Callie Weisbeck, Mobridge-Pollock, 85; 3, Carly Guthmiller, Groton, 89 4, Claire Crawford, Aberdeen Roncalli, 102; 5, Ashlynn Lafromboise, Sisseton, 103; 6, Margaret Anderson, Aberdeen Roncalli, 104; 7, Cadee Peltier, Mobridge-Pollock, 105; 8, Brooklyn Frankenstein, Redfield, 110; 9, Emma Dahl, Sisseton, 113; 10, Addy Evans, Redfield, 113;

11, Kylynn Lesmeister, Mobridge-Pollock, 116; 12, Abby Evans, Redfield, 119; 13, Gabby Zimmer, Mobridge-Pollock, 121; 14, Shaylee Peterson, Groton, 123; 15, Ella Kasuske, Milbank Area, 125; 16, Emma Schinkel, Groton, 127; 17, Kayla Blankartz, Mobridge-Pollock, 129; 18, Reese Henrich, Aberdeen Roncalli, 131; 19, Shaylee Schuchard, Milbank Area, 134; 20, Camila Monroy, Milbank Area, 135;

21, Brooklyn Rische, Redfield, 137; 22, Morgan Helms, Aberdeen Roncalli, 143; 23, Marie Weller, Redfield, 149; 24, Jaclyn Wiik, Milbank Area, 156; 25, Ava Danielson, Aberdeen Roncalli, 174.

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