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Good to see you again

Sporting a new photographic necklace (thanks to this adventure with recent trips to local and area gymnasiums has renewed my spirit if you will with all the “Good to see you” greetings I have received.

Believe me, these days being seen has a new meaning knowing the impact of the pandemic on our world. 

All through my career I have faced new challenges and speed bumps at times. Seems only yesterday I was in the closet of a film darkroom groping for the tanks, reels and chemicals needed to process rolls of film from a basketball game as quickly as I could in order to meet a 10 p.m. deadline. 

The tools of the trade have changed by leaps and bounds to make processing an image easier but it is still a challenge to meet that deadline, especially since I am not getting any younger!

Now I find myself hunched over a laptop trying to keep up with the ever increasing number of games out there to cover. With the calendar page turning to March, the workload will increase for a brief flurry before activities move outdoors later in the month, weather permitting.

In the meantime I must say again it is good to see all of you sports fans too. I will do my best to stop and say hello when I see you. Just understand I might be on the run when you see me as Dave and I are going to do our best to get to as many events as logistically possible in the days and weeks ahead.

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